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Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in Elizabeth Taylor, Inspiration, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

The Elizabeth Taylor Christie’s Exhibit…..A Stunning Look Into the Life of a Legend


The entire history of Elizabeth Taylor is currently resting on 49th street across from the Top of the Rock, and it is an absolute must-see. If you have not been already, you only have a week left, and I strongly encourage anyone, nay, everyone to check out this breath-taking collection. The stock is completely immaculate and over-whelming, and the exhibit is incredibly well organized.

The exhibition is $30.00, which I thought was fairly expensive, but the display is worth every single penny. This is a once in a lifetime chance, because as of next week every belonging of Elizabeth Taylor will be auctioned off to collectors piece by piece. The exhibit includes not only millions of dollars in the finest jewelry in the world, but also her art collection, clothing, costumes, wedding dresses, purses, shoes. Anything fabulous that ever passed through the hands of Elizabeth Taylor is in that building, and god help me if I won’t try to force all of you to see it!! It’s stunning. Simply Stunning. One could go for the clothes alone!

The clothes are amazing. The costumes she wore in Cleopatra are featured in the main hall, suspended in air. This glowing sequin caftan rising into the air is only just a taste of what is to come. As you continue up the stairs, there are hundreds of garments worn by Elizabeth Taylor.

The collection is a dazzling insight into the very glamorous world of Elizabeth Taylor. The row of colorful caftans worn by Taylor stopped me dead in my tracks.

This photo was my own private snapshot of my favorite garment in the collection, a beautiful bejeweled mystic caftan that Elizabeth Taylor wore on a trip to Jerusalem. If this photo does not make you want to wear flowey caftans, chunky jewelry, and pretend it’s 1970, nothing will. This was a decade of over-the-top glamour, and Elizabeth Taylor gave the sequins a personal invitation to her closet.I would also like to point out that the poncho in the back was Gaultier. Can you even take it??

There was a Givenchy feather cape, too over the top for any woman but Taylor.The collection features countless sequin jackets, and has a whole separate area for her luxuriously Chanel collection. Upon seeing the pile of well-worn Louis Vuitton suitcases, one can’t help but dream of Burton and Taylor, hauling the luggage on and off the Kalizma, sailing across the ocean together in love.

One cannot help but notice that the vast majority of the jewelry given to Taylor are from Burton, remnants of a tumultuous two marriages. When Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding dress (es) appear, they beam across the room, the memory of Dick and Liz still lingering on the clothes. I had been waiting throughout the entire garment collection to see the bright yellow dress she wore when she wedded Burton the first time, and of course, Christie’s does not disappoint.

After you are finished drooling over the clothes, you are taken to new heights of jealousy and adoration in the jewelry section. Elizabeth Taylor immaculately stored all of her jewelry in the boxes they came in, with labels stating who they are from. The amazing part of Taylor’s collection is at least half of it had to be gifts. GIFTS! Millions of dollars in rare gemstones from across the world, and people just gave her this stuff! The wonder of Elizabeth Taylor is alive and well.

The jewelry is, of course, exquisite and pretty much unbelievable. There is SO much jewelry, of every type and color. Taylor owned pretty much every stone you can imagine, and her collection is extremely varied and daring. My favorite piece was the giant Burton diamond, more stunning on person than could ever translate in a photograph. I just kept reminding myself that this vast collection belonged to ONE person. Amazing.

The other favorite jewelry piece of mine was her emerald necklace and pendant. It’s just too absolutely over-the-top not to be in awe of it. The giant stones of emerald are breath-taking, they do not seem real!

The Elizabeth Taylor exhibit simply cannot be missed. Not only is it a major collection, but soon it will all be sold off to individual people, and will most likely never be in the same room ever again. The clothing alone must be seen by ever fashionista, throw in a couple million dollars in gems, and you have a New York hit on your hands. Please, don’t miss this!!! For the rest of the New York schedule, check out Christie’s Website.

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