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Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Oprah | 0 comments

Inspired by: Oprah Winfrey

Is there anyone on this Earth more inspiring than Oprah? Allow me to take the pulpit here folks….a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend, a somewhat serious conversation, that if Oprah were running for president, we would vote for her. Can I tell you that I would like 132921039% actually vote for her? I find this woman to be incredibly inspiring.

Some people think she is really frou frou, or just out for money. Even if you did think that (which I would disagree with you vehemently haha) but EVEN IF YOU DID, she was born in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, in one of the poorest counties, and she grew up to be the highest paid woman on television, owning one of the most successful shows of all time, and eventually her own NETWORK. She has her own freaking NETWORK. If that is not success, I don’t know what it, and I think she could be respected for that alone!

The fact that she uses that network for good, she uses it as her personal platform to inspire and encourage people, to me, shows that she is a force of light in the world. Girlfrenn did not end her 28 seasons of a talk show, where she had clearly become a millionaire several times over, by creating some stupid sitcom about herself, or holing up in some ritz carlton on vacation, or going on QVC. She ran right from the Oprah Show to OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and created shows that for the most part, are very inspiring, such as Super Soul Sundays, and Oprah’s Life Class.

I am POSITIVE my friends are tired of hearing me talk about Oprah’s Life Class how important it is for America. This is a show unlike any other, and if you haven’t seen it, i’m going to tell you al about it, so don’t you worry! Oprah’s Lifeclass is basically a show, with an over-arching theme for the episode such as “Trusting Yourself” or “Joy Rising”, and she sits and talks directly to the camera, and uses clips from The Oprah Winfrey show. She discusses these clips in detail, discussing what they meant to her, and the lessons she learned from these guests.

I was hit particularly hard by an episode she did that featured clips from a Maya Angelou episode, where Oprah said she learned the lesson,”when people show you who they are, believe them.” This resonated with me so deeply because so many people give too many chances, or refuse to believe what is right in front of them. There is no reason that if someone seems like a liar, or a cheater, or a bad person, then believe that that is who they are! If someone tells you they are not a good person, believe them! It will save you so much time! Another little gem from Miss Maya was “When you see crazy coming, cross the street.” I could have written that quote, I practice it so much.

This show airs (or would air during it’s season) Monday-Friday every day. Each day was a different lesson, and then, on Friday night, it was like social networking bonanza. It was a live show, and it was SO live, that during the commercial breaks you can continue watching on your computer where they were live streaming. It was just Oprah with a guest speaker, psychologists, doctors, whatever. And they would be responding to people’s tweets, answering questions, they had live Facebook updates on their tv screen responding to people on Facebook, they also were skyping people in. Oprah’s Friday Night Life Class was the most interactive television show I have ever seen, and it was all to inspire others. On her website there was also live updates from other readers, and an online work-book, where you can answer questions and think about the lesson of the day! IT WAS SO COOL.

Some of the OWN Life Class topics are, “Letting Go of Anger,” “The False Power of the Ego”, and “You Become What You Believe”.  For a recap on some of these lessons, click here!

I learned so many amazing lessons watching this show, and I felt so inspired!I get if you’re not really into the new age positivity laws of attraction sort of person, but if you are, you need to watch Oprah’s Life Class, or any Oprah-centric shows on OWN. I really feel like she is such a source of light and positivity in the world, bringing us her lessons and resources! I love her!

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