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Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Blake Lively, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons | 3 comments

Fashion Friday: Style Inspirations from the Sixties

I find inspiration for everything, everywhere, especially for fashion!! I am constantly bombarded by images, makeup, hair, fashion, that I am just DYING to try!! Most recently, I have been really inspired by the sixties, especially thanks to Adele’s look in bringing it back in terms of makeup and hair!

Adele has perfectly mastered the cat eye, of course, but I just also love her effortless chic. She always looks SO damn vintage and perfectly put together, without looking like she is trying too hard.

This picture from Elle is enough to stop anyone dead in their tracks!

Doesn’t she just look SO galmorous? It makes me want to tone down my look to just the Adele-like bare bones of sixties perfection. That was what was so great about the sixties mod movement translated to today. Of course some of the prints and fabric and Twiggy over the top eye makeup was colorful and crazy, but today, I feel like we have pared it down and taken just what we LOVED about it, the glamour, and fixed it up!

Brigitte Bardot has always been a style icon of mine. The french actress was the epitome of a sexuality, big plush lips, a giant blonde bouffant, and a cat eye. I think if I could imitate one person’s style for my entire life, it would be hers.

Is she not the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen? And again, it’s so un-polished, but glamourous. It’s like she really doesn’t care how she looks, and she still ends up looking perfect. I love her!

While of course there are many other great icons of the time, Twiggy, Ali McGraw, Barbara Streisand, these few I mentioned are the looks I most idolize. Sharon Tate, the actress who died tragically at the hands of Charles Manson’s creepertown family, was also a stunning 1960s actress who rocked the blonde cat eye glamour look. My appreciation for Sharon Tate is what led me to lose my sh** last October when Drew Barrymore did the most amazing photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar channeling the 60s icon. The pictures are amazing, and next to the Blake Lively Glamour shoot I died over, this is probably one of my all time favorite magazine spreads… you love, or do you LOVE?

Also…I am kind of closet obsessed with Priscilla Presley! What a hot tranny! I can’t get enough!

What fashion icons inspire you most?? If you’re feeling like you need a little Bardot in life….it’s really pretty simple, some hair volumizer, a camel hair coat (very freeenchhhh), and some MAC liquid gel liner will do the trick:

Get the Brigitte Bardot Look!

For tips on how to apply that tricky winged liner, stop by Las Charolastras !

Hope you enjoyed this fashion friday!!!


  1. I love that you did this piece on the 60s icons. We imitated them still in the 70s – or maybe the look was just morphing into the next version. I use to do the cateye makeup to go to work!!! – well, when I wasn’t running late. ;p

  2. LOVE this post! thanks for the shout out! <3

    • Of course!!! We share the blog love together!! You had such a good post on the cat eye!!!

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