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Posted by on Dec 9, 2011 in Elizabeth Taylor, Fashion Friday, Kardashians, The Rachel Zoe Project | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Kaftan LOVE


If you read this week’s post on Elizabeth Taylor, you would see that I am clearly obsessed with Kaftans. I am pretty sure that Christie’s called them ‘Caftans’ with a ‘C’, but I will stick to K for now, as Google is telling me to!! We may be in the midst of the December holiday, but thanks to Elizabeth Taylor it’s spring in my mind….

I LOVE the glamour of them!! Apparently Elizabeth Taylor did too, judging by the 20-something Kaftans in a row across the exhibit.

I think part of the appeal is that they give off an extra air of truly not caring, like you just lounge around in a glamazon Emilio Pucci dress that is loose and free and you couldn’t care in the slightest. Even if you are wearing it to a movie premiere, it is the effortlessness of the dress!

I could not stop imagining myself in one, and i’m not sure I have the gumption to wear it (what goes underneath these see-through ones anyway!?) but I was madly in love.

Elizabeth Taylor wore them a lot during the glory days of her love affair with Richard Burton, in fact, during her second marriage to him she wore a similar flowing style.

Kaftans are not completely lost on modern fashion. Rachel Zoe is a huge fan! I think her one shouldered look is a great way to modernize it!

Her frenemy Nicole Ritchie is a big fan as well!

Other celebrities have rocked them such as the Olsen Twins, the Kardashians, and they even show up on Emilio Pucci’s runway shows all the time!

Oh Elizabeth Taylor, your inspiration is unending! Looks like this summer will bring me a whole new look!

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