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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Fashion Friday, Holidays | 2 comments

Fashion Friday: Holiday Style

Christmas at Henri Bendel's last year!

For some reason, holiday fashion has always equated to sequins, for me. There is something about that time of the year that makes it totally appropriate to wear any possible shade of shimmer you can find. I am not quite sure how it works, but it does!! This year I am going to try to spend the day time channeling the great and powerful Rachel Zoe, and at night working as many sequins as humanly possible.

I love Rachel Zoe’s New York chic. I am just not thin enough to rock French chic. I love the minimalism, but I never know how to tone it down, and those blue and white striped boat neck sweaters never look right on me! I like that Rachel Zoe is about drama, she just goes for it! Her day time looks have an air of glamour and drama, but has a very New York back the eff off thing to it, I love it!!! Therefore, I have compiled this collage (my new favorite thing) of my day time must have RZoe-inspired items!

Rachel Zoe inspired my day time holiday look!

A faux fur vest is one of those fashion items that I am not 100% positive I can rock and will wear often, but….I still want one! I want the option to be so bold! Also, I found that I have such a shoe-session, that I fall in love with all of these insane fancy shoes, and don’t have a single pair of plain black pumps. How did I let this happen??? I have no explanation.

As for night time, here is my sequin savvy collage!!! I want ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!

Holiday Sequin Savvy Style

How cute is that union jack gold and sequin clutch? Can we discuss?? I can’t get enough sequins, it’s a problem. For winter I also really like lace, and I find that winter is actually the perfect time for really any fabric that is otherwise inappropriate, such as velvet, velour, lace, cable-knit, etc. Black lace just looks so dramatic and sexy in the winter! I love it!

Nothing says Christmas Party like Black Lace!

What are your favorite Christmas trends??? What will you be rocking this season??


  1. I love the black lace ensemble! Great shoe choices

    • Black lace is so romantic, and still chic and fun!! LOVE IT! Thanks!!

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