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Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 in New Jersey, Travel | 0 comments

Eating My Way Through The World: Atlantic City Edition!

Atlantic City is a great getaway for Jersey folk. It has bars, clubs, the beach, and casinos, what more could we ask for? There are also about a zillion great restaurants all around the area, and I have eaten at about a million of them. It has  been a while since I posted about food, which is shocking! So hear are a few favorites I have in Atlantic City…

Bobby Flay’s Steak House in the Borgata, Atlantic City, is the first place I ever ate in AC, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!! This was even after I became a vegetarian, I believe, so I probably had sides, vegetables, or fish, (okay, I am a pescatarian, busted) but it was still incredible. They have a goat cheese potato dish that is to DIE for!! And for meat eaters, Kobe beef is on the menu! Kobe beef is like the best of the best, and I have heard that Bobby Flay makes some killer beef. The atmosphere is very warm and chic! It’s excellent, very pricey, but highly recommended!!

MIA is a nice restaurant in Caesar’s that has a nice atmosphere, and just okay food. I don’t remember it being amazing, but it was really beautiful!

For the Bachelorette party, we also ate in the Borgata, at Fornelletto, an Italian restaurant. The restaurant is all the way underground, and you have to climb down many steps to get there, but it has the wine-cellar sort of atmosphere. Fornelletto is slightly less expensive than Bobby Flay, and the portions are smaller. I had some amazing raviolis, but the portions are very small. It has some nice ambiance, but it’s not my favorite! Good for a cozy romantic dinner, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a large rowdy bachelorette party!

In Atlantic City, there is a huge pier attached to Caesar’s that hosts some of the best restaurants and shops in town. On the top floor is all of the restaurants, two of which I absolutely love! If you have been reading this blog, I have mentioned The Continental before in an earlier Atlantic City post. The Continental is a great restaurant with multiple different rooms, so you have your choice of ambiance!

Outside the restaurant is a sitting area with a fire pit, and inside there is a very cool red and orange room that looks like honey combs. 

There is also a room in the back that is bright purple with bubbles everywhere! The food is amazing, and it’s all a la carte, made for sharing, a sort of new-American cuisine. I am definitely looking forward to going back there again!!

And on to my absolute number one favorite restaurant in Atlantic City…. Buddakan! Buddakan is also on the pier, and I have eaten there twice. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the world, and definitely my favorite in AC. It’s an Asian fusion restaurant with amazing food and even better ambiance. The food is also made for sharing, and the salmon, sea bass, and duck are all amazing entrees, but really I have never had anything bad there. They have a lobster friend rice that is to die for! 

The dessert in Buddakan is killerrrrr! The other night we had a CHOCOLATE BENTO BOX! Does anything in the world sound nearly as delicious as a Chocolate bento box? Perfect for four people to share, it had a banana tower, a chocolate molten lava cake, chocolate covered almonds, and so much more. Although I must say, my favorite dessert there is the zen-ful donuts. A crunchy crisp delicate outside with giant granules of suger, filled with a sweet cream, and it comes with chocolate and banana dipping sauces! I am drooling just thinking about it.

The ambiance in Buddakan is beautiful!! There is a giant gold buddha in the center of the restaurant that glitters against a hollowed-out red backdrop. It is so beautiful, the first time I saw it, it took my breath away.

The ceiling is painted like the night sky, so beautiful, with a deep blue and stars. There is an upstairs, but from the downstairs it’s made to look like the outside of Asian houses.

It is so STUNNING!!! The waiters and waitresses are extremely knowledgeable, and know just about everything about sake. I am telling you it’s the best of the best!!!

Happy Eating!!

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