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Posted by on Dec 17, 2011 in New York City, Travel | 0 comments

Christmas In New York

Is there anything more wonderful and cheer-inducing than Christmas in New York? I do not think so. New York does Christmas absolutely over the top, and I love every single moment of it. Christmas in New York cannot be missed, and fifth avenue is the place to be. Every designer store puts out the best windows that money can buy, the lights, the wreaths, and topping it all off is the tree at Rockefeller Center. I absolutely will not miss visiting the city at Christmas time to take it all in!!

The major windows to hit up are Macy’s at Herald Square, Saks Fifth Avenue, and my personal favorite, the dazzling couture windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Macy’s is very cute, but exceptionally kid-friendly. There are cute animatronic animals, and usually a whole story-book narrative to the windows. Very cute, but not what I was looking for on this trip out!

Saks Fifth Avenue, which is almost directly across from the Rockefeller tree, usually has animatronic windows as well, along with this season’s couture looks. I found this season’s windows at Saks to be kind of lack-luster, to tell you the truth. While the dresses featured were FAB, including the purple Kate Moss McQueen dress from Vogue’s September issue, the actual visuals of the window were just okay. I expect more from you, Saks! I am also kind of peeved that they stopped doing the snow-flakes on the storefront. Usually the snowflakes light up to music every fifteen minutes, and it’s so beautiful and fun, however now they just project bubbles and snowflakes, and it is SO not the same! Sorry for the poor picture quality, day time windows are hard to capture!!!

Bergdorf Goodman’s windows NEVER disappoint, and this year was no exception! I LOVED this season!! The dresses are, just like Saks, always the hottest couture from different designers, but they are set to these exquisitely complicated and full monochromatic backdrops.

Stunning!! My favorite dresses from the Bergdorf window were these stunning Marchesa numbers! LOVE.

Different stores feature different amazing decorations, including Tiffany’s, who covered their windows in a carousel-like Christmas appendage. Can you spot me?

Cartier covers there store-front in a sparkly red bow that makes it feel so Christmas-like!!

They also had very whimsical windows this year, that appeared to have red closed Cartier boxes, but they opened as you passed the windows. So fun!

Fendi covers their store-front in icles, just like last year. I guess I just love the over-the-top whimsy of it all.

Finally, the Rockefeller tree, is of course, the New York Christmas mecca. The tree this year is 74 feet, absolutely gigantic, and I don’t really care how touristey it is to see, it fills me with Christmas spirit each and every time!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far!!!

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