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Posted by on Dec 31, 2011 in Holidays, Travel | 0 comments

Another Year of Fabulous


As the year comes to a close, everyone wants to reflect on what they did that year, where they have been, what has happened. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, I just try to be fabulous and follow my heart 24/7, and that’s enough for me! On average, I like to try to go 3-4 places a year, and so far, I have been lucky enough to have that happen. I hope that everyone had a spectacular year, and has some great plans for 2012!! In either 2012 or spring/summer of 2013 I plan on going back to Europe! There are way too many fabulous countries there I have yet to see, most of all Italy. I hope to go back to Asia in 2012 too, to see Jim’s family!

This has been a huge year of blessings and joy! One of my friends got married, another got engaged. I went back to school, at Rutgers, the school I have always wanted to go to. Most of all, I got to travel, and spend another year healthy and extremely happy!

My 2011 kicked off with this blog in January, when Jim and I went to Taiwan! Taiwan was an amazing foreign adventure, and I cannot wait to return some day. There was so much of the beautiful country that we didn’t get to see, and I am still thinking about the amazing food I got to eat!! Taiwan was the furthest I have been in the world, so it was a huge personal accomplishment.

Some of my favorite moments from Taiwan were going to Longshan Temple, and taking a gondola ride over the tea fields of Maokong!

In May Jim and I crashed our friend’s trip to Disney World in Orlando and had a blast! I had not been to Disney in about ten years, and I had so much fun as an adult! We visited Epcot, Universal, the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and  Hollywood Studios.

My favorite memories from Disney was definitely the Magic Kingdom and going to Universal Studios.

While i’m not that into Harry Potter, my friends reactions were priceless in the Wizarding World, and we definitely had a great time!

The summer was a pretty stressful time for me at work, trying to figure out what to do with school, and switching jobs. In August, my boyfriend took me to Aruba as an early birthday present, and it was absolutely perfect.

It was definitely the best island vacation I have ever been on, and is definitely in my top favorite trips of all time.

Aruba is the perfect island, dry, sunny, and just absolutely beautiful. Our resort was the absolute best, and it was such a romantic getaway. I still smile looking at all of the pictures!!

Intermittently there were fabulous days gallivanting around New York City, a few nights spent with friend and drag queens, and so much happiness!! Who knows where the future will take us! To health, wealth, love, and travel……..Happy New Year!

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