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Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 in Fashion Friday, Gifts, Holidays | 0 comments

An Instagram Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!! I hope everyone laughed a lot, saw some of their favorite family members, drank some wine, and ate just a little too much yesterday!! I had a wonderful Christmas, waking up at the crack of dawn to open gifts with my all-too-excited-almost-step brother at an hour too early for anyone in their right mind to be awake on a holiday! We had a wonderful time opening gifts, eating breakfast, and then heading to my mom’s house for more great gift-opening, and a yummy Christmas dinner!!

The holidays are absolutely about family, friends, and gratitude, but I’m not going to lie…..I got some awesome prezzies this season!!! One was the new iphone, which I am so ecstatic about, and then a designer gift or two graced my tree. I’m usually not one for the biggest, best, newest technology, but my phone cannot get the screen unlocked without freezing up for a minute or two, so I was psyched to open up a totally unexpected new phone (which of course, my prankster of a dad covered with a heating pack in a heating pack box-very confusing upon paper-unwrapping).

I have been really excited to play with instagram, so I decided to show off just a few of my favorite Christmas presents using this fascinating new photo-filter!

For Christmas I received a beautiful camel colored-trench coat by Michael Kors. I cannot wait to rock this look every spring and fall! It has a detachable hood, and a detachable lining inside to take out when the weather get’s nicer! The jacket is beautiful. While I did ask for a nice trench, I would never have dreamed it would be my favorite designer, Michael Kors!! I am one lucky girl!

Speaking of lucky…I have the best boyfriend of all time…and he buys me the most beautiful gifts! This year, he surprised me with a small Louis Vuitton mini clutch which is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to bring it with me to Las Vegas next week for a night on the town!

I hope everyone found something special under the tree this year!!

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