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Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Las Vegas, Travel | 0 comments

You Never Know Where the Road May Take You…

I am always open to the possibility of travel, that I could be going anywhere at any minute. That is why, sometimes I think I am going one place, and a week later I have a plane ticket to another!! Despite having spent half the semester planning on being in Japan and Taiwan in January, there is now a plane ticket to Las Vegas with my name on it!! In the end, Asia was too expensive, partially because we waited until the last second. We don’t usually book earlier than three months anyway, but with our travel dates for Asia being over Christmas, and the flight being so far, it was to our detriment that we waited. C’est La Vie!

Instead……..we are going out to the southwest!! At first we were just going to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my boyfriend’s best friend. But then we said, there is no way we could drive all the way out to Arizona and not go to the Grand Canyon, especially because I have never seen it. It’s only 5 hours away. THEN we thought…..welll…..we do love Las Vegas, and we will only be about 5 hours away from there from the Grand Canyon….so….now we are doing a three city tour of Las Vegas and Arizona!

I am super duper excited! I have always wanted to drive around Las Vegas/Arizona through all the desert canyons and plateaus! First stop on the trip is Las Vegas for a few days, then we are driving from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, then driving to Phoenix! We will be gone for over a week, and I can’t wait!!

This will be my first time in Arizona! The Grand Canyon, of course, is a must-see!! I’m probably most looking forward to seeing it! People say it is spectacular!!

Has anyone ever done the Grand Canyon Sky Walk?? Is it scary?? it looks so scary, but awesome! What do you think, should we do it?

We are also looking forward to Vegas. When we were there last, for my 21st birthday, we mostly stayed on one end of the strip, from the Bellagio to Treasure Island. We did not get to see The Luxor, Mandalay Bay, or any of the hotels past that. We are staying at the Paris Hotel!  While the Bellagio is grand and extremely beautiful, it takes forever just to get off the driveway, and there aren’t any really cheap places to eat in the casino. The Paris is just as nice, slightly cheaper, closer, and I think it’s a good pick for us this time around! I think that the Bellagio is so grand and luxurious, everyone should stay there at least once, but once is enough!!

This trip is for sure, we are going the first week in January and there is a plane ticket with my name on it!  I can’t wait to share the journey with you guys!! Stay tuned!

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