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Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 in New York City, Restaurants | 0 comments

Ordering out some Room Service

My ferocio friend Joey, who you may remember from his travels to China featured on this blog, always knows the best places to eat in New York City! He always knows the hottest spots to go, the places everyone is buzzing about, it’s like having my own built in Time Out New York. Recently we wanted to hit the town, and Joey recommended a place in Hell’s Kitchen called ‘Room Service’. All we knew is that it was a Thai restaurant, but if Joey recommended it, it probably going to be awesome.

Hell’s Kitchen is becoming a really trendy neighborhood, and there are a ton of really great restaurants on 9th avenue. Room Service is on 9th between 47th and 48th, and I think it really stands out as a really chic restaurant. From the outside it has these giant gray very Soho-moldings, and a lot of glass. It was a Monday night, so normally you wouldn’t expect it to be packed, but people were buzzing in and out non-stop, which is always a good sign when you want some good food, the busier it is, the better the food must be!

Inside Room Service has the coolest scene. It is very chic, with dark gray walls and white Buddhas that really give your dinner ambiance! There are mirrors hung on the ceiling and a giant chandelier that was right across from our table. It sort of looks like what I imagine the dusty corners of Elizabeth Taylor’s mind must have looked like, very fierce with a bit of mystery!!

The food is all Thai, and the prices are incredibly reasonable! My dinner was only $10.00, and the portions are huge!! They have big traditional Bangkok style meals for a bit more, but you can really get anything for your price range.

The food was AMAZZING!!! I am a big Thai food bore, and I got shrimp with fried rice, but it was still delicious! Joey got this fancy pumpkin curry dish, seasonal and delectable, and Jim got pork with curry that he couldn’t stop eating!! Over all it was a great success!!

If you’re in Hells Kitchen and looking for a great meal, get some Room Service!


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