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Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in Concerts, Fashion Icons, Lady Gaga | 4 comments

Loving Lady Gaga

It’s time to talk about my love for Gaga. The time has come! The woman is an icon, and every time I feel like I just might be getting the teeeeeensiest bit sick of her antics, she does or says something that reminds me how much I love that crazy chick!

I have been a Lady Gaga fan since day one! Not to sound like a hipster, although I totally am going to for a moment, but when she FIRST came out with Just Dance, I immediately loved her and needed to see her. I thought she was such a crazy looking tranny, and I wanted more, you ow, when she was still werkin the hair bow??? LOVE. I convinced my friend, Ferocio Joey, that we needed to see her wild antics in person. I bought 3 tickets, for me Joey, and our friend Tibbs to go see Lady Gaga in a show in February of 2008. The tickets were standing room only, and only TWENTY DOLLARS EACH! It was insane. It was the closest I have ever been to absolutely knowing someone would be famous before they were.

The set was SO SMALL and low budget, and we were the only adults there, it was full of young 1980s hipsters in spandex. It was CRAZY! The opening acts were just okay, and we were feeling a little bit embarrassed for being there, like we had accidentally walked into a Jonas Brothers concert or something. But then Lady Gaga came on and SHE TORE IT UP! She sang, and danced, and she was the real deal. It wasn’t like Britney Spears who either sings OR dances, and does both poorly. This chick had it! We ended up having an amazing time, and had an even better time being hipsters and watching her become one of the most iconic stars of our time, who we saw for $20.00 standing room once. I FELT SO COOL. Can you tell? Since then I have seen her two other times, and it just keeps getting better.

Since then it has been maddening love. I just think she is the real deal. She really is THAT crazy and that dedicated, and I love her! Recently I have been feeling a little sick of all her crazy ass outfits, but then I saw her on A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, and I fell back in love. I loved every outfit, that Tom Ford suit, can we discuss??? And when she caught a glimpse of her former teacher, it was like Katie Couric who?!? I died! Oprah, who I would trust with my life, said that when she met Lady Gaga she radiated a warm energy from inside, and even Oprah became a fan after that day, because she recognized Lady Gaga was the real deal.

Lady Gaga has such pure talent, and she always pushed it to the next limit. I love both The Edge of Glory, and Marry The Night, and her explanation that Marry the Night was about her being married to her work, I am so into it! Do I always understand her? Absolutely not. But I like her just going for it! I like that there is someone out there pushing limits and taking things to the next level.

Lastly, and mostly the point of this article, is to freak out over her new spread in Vanity Fair. Lady Gaga takes the most stunning pictures, and with her and Annie Leibovitz teaming up, the result is an absolute masterpiece. SO beautiful.

I can’t stop drooling!!


What do you think of Lady Gaga? So over it? Can’t Get enough?


  1. Cant get enough! I LOVE her!

  2. i totally agree with you!!! I adore Gaga – ADORE. Her music empowers me, she’s such a sweetheart, and her creativity is out of control amazing.

    • I feel the same way–it doesn’t get better than Lady Gaga!! She is so original. Empowering is a great way to describe her!

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