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Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Bravo, It's A Brad Brad World, The Rachel Zoe Project, TV Shows | 0 comments

It’s A Brad Brad World

First let me start by saying, I think the Bravo Network is the best thing to ever happen to my life. They are so damn brilliant. It’s like I have an entire network that completely understands the essence of me. The most recent Bravo-lebrity to be launched into his own career is Brad Goreski, formerly of the show The Rachel Zoe project. I have been madly in love with Brad and his one-liners from day one! Despite his unusual feud with R.Zoe, I am so excited to see his show!!

Brad and his bowties had me from the very first season. Aside from Rachel he has and will always be my favorite other member of Team Zoe. I never liked Taylor, not that I am alone there, but I also am not fond of this season’s wonder boy, Jeremiah. If they are trying to replace the large gaping hole that Brad leaving has left in my heart, it did not work, and the closest they got to repairing it was Joey Malouf, who I also love. Rachel just needs fabulous gay boys surrounding her, and I completely empathize with that. But Brad had it all! The charm, the glam, the styling talent, the humor, AND my favorite part about him, he is totally a fan boy. He just about passed out meeting Naomi Campbell during Season 2, and I just love that about him! It makes him more relatable.

So what has my future boyfriend Brad been doing lately? TONS! His show , It’s A Brad Brad World, will be premiering in 2012, date unknown, for now. He has also been styling for In Style, Kate Spade, and Harper’s Bazaar. Brad has also reportedly garnered Jessica Alba as a client, and has his own book coming out! “Born to Be Brad” will be a combination of memoir and styling will be out sometime next year!! Can’t wait!! Until we get some more Brad in our lives, I leave you with some of my most favorite Brad Goreski quotes:

  • “Is it a designer form of veritgo called Vertizoe?”
  • “I gotta keep these legs in shape for short-short season”
  • “You look like a couture wicked witch of the west”
  • “Can you sit on a giraffe? I don’t think you can…they’re not like…horses”
  • “By the way, you have a poodle around your wrist”
  • “Listening to Rachel list off our schedule in the morning, like before I even get the crusties out of my eyes, is kind of like living in a nightmare…”
  • “Anne and I really related over musical theater, broadway, and all things that relate to homosexuals.”
  • “Is this a man’s cape, or are we in ladyland?”
  • “We should get you a blow up doll, and she will come without her own shopping problem!”
  • “I actually look masculine next to Johnny Wier, and i’m not sure that works for me”
  • “It’s Kind of like that episode of 90210 when Kelly and Brenda wear the same dress to prom….awful.”
  • “Meeting Naomi Campbell I am like blushing and shaking, every single muscle is convulsing with excitement and fear.”

No big deal, I’m just in love with him….can’t wait for his book/show/face to show up everywhere! Oh Brad How I have Missed you!!

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