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Posted by on Nov 8, 2011 in Designers, Fashion Friday, Karl Lagerfeld | 0 comments

Inspired By: Coco Chanel

I find inspiration from my daily life everywhere, and a lot of it comes from fashion. I just love the artistry of fashion, and the intuitive artistic genius that has sprung from it, like Coco Chanel. What a take no prisoners sort of woman!! I love her, and I am always inspired by her life, her clothes, her ideals, and her contribution to the world.

She was one of the last people in fashion that literally revolutionized what we wear. Before Chanel there was no sports wear for women, she was part of the reason we have the freedom to wear pants, fashionably, for god sake! She took us from  a Victorian over done time and ushered us into the modern day, encouraging us to take an accessory or two off before we leave the house. She changed everything.

Not to mention she is the founder, creator, and embodiment of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, and she grew up poor in an orphanage! Coco Chanel did it her way, and anyone with that sort of gumption, let alone style, deserves our attention. It’s one of the only fashion houses that literally everyone can point their finger to the one woman who started it all! I love that.

I love her minimalist style, it is such a classic look. As it is I usually only wear black, but I definitley need some pearls, a long strand, not a short one, though!

And I will seriously die if I ever get my hands on a Chanel tweed jacket. I am totally aware that that probably won’t happen, and right now I would really love a similar type of blazer.

Chanel is the epitome of elegance and glamour. Karl Lagerfeld is sort of taking Chanel to new heights with giant icebergs and most recently the carousel runway show, but the classic style of the Coco Chanel girl has never been lost.

“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
-Coco Chanel

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