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Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Gifts, Holidays | 2 comments

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls! Gifts for the Divas in your life!!

The holidays are full of family, fun, great food, a sense of unity, good tidings, and emptying out your wallets. I love Christmas as much as the next person, and I really do love buying people great gifts, but boy are the holidays rough!! It’s hard to find great gifts for people you only see once a year, or to even buy multiple great gifts every year. I look forward to this time, and stress about it, also. It’s not easy! So I decided to gather up some of my best holiday gift giving tips and tricks, and share it with you all!!

Lets start with the easy stuff: Extended family. Lets face it, as much as you love your family, there are possibly some family members you need to buy gifts for, that you don’t know exactly what to get for them. This happens to me basically every year, and I have to say, I am becoming a huge fan of getting the same thing for multiple relatives at a time, which I find TOTALLY appropriate at Christmas, so here are some great staples that you can always reach for….

A Bath and Body Works Gift Bag is perfect for aunts and cousins, or friends of the family!

Making a little Bath and Body Works Gift bag!! Pick a couple great scents, and throw in a body wash, a sample size lotion, and a three dollar loofah! This is perfect for the aunt that has everything, and it won’t go to waste! Plus it’s a little personal that you put the bag together yourself! Bath and Body Works always has certain scents on sale, and this entire holiday bag of stuff would only cost you a bit more than $10.00!!

Pashminas are a great gift for any woman!

Lastly for extended family, specifically aunts and female cousins, I love pashminas!! Pashminas are like a cross between scarves and shawls. They are so versatile. I find scarves just don’t get the job done sometimes, I always reach for my pashmina to drape around my neck, use as a shawl, and they double as mini blankets on planes!! Pashminas are a great gift if you’re tired of giving scarves! If you live anywhere near the city, you can find INSANE deals on pashminas. They are anywhere from $5-$10, sometimes 2 for $10 or 2 for $15! If you’re not by nyc, I have also found them at Century 21!

Something that your significant other's family will really use is the key to keeping everyone happy for the holidays!

Okay, next up on the gift giving guides….your significant other’s family!! Tough, right?? This is actually a great opportunity for even MORE general gifts, but still show that you care!! Photo albums are great, some sort of really nice frame for multiple pictures for the parents of your significant other, and you could even put a few pictures of their family in it to get it started!  OR, if you’re big on partying, some vino does the trick! A great bottle of wine or champagne, a wine rack, some nice glasses or a new wine bottle opener, all great gifts! Silicone bake ware is also a really nice gift, or some Starbucks coffee!! A nice mug and a pound of house blend go a long way!

Next on the list is your immediate family……

Wallets, purses, and other fun girlie items are perfect for sisters, or close girlfriends!

Let’s start with the easiest: siblings! Siblings are super easy!! My sister is a year and a half younger than me, and I started subscribing to a super easy method: what does she always want to borrow from me? Boots? Black heels for a night out? A clutch? A tote? Whatever it is that she always seems to be asking me to borrow is what I get her! One year I got my sister a little purse from target, and stuffed it with some earrings, a little wallet. It’s fun to add surprise gifts! This is a two prong style of gift giving, because once she gets these items as a gift, she won’t steal your stuff anymore! A great cross body would be awesome for a sister! These can also be applied to any girlfriend, but I have separate suggestions for friends coming up…….

Jewelry and fragrance make great gifts for mom!

Now for mom is  a super girlie girl, so she loves jewelry, fragrance, and fashion, she makes my shopping life super easy! I recently got her a nice Coach wallet, but hot tip: it was from an outlet!! I paid literally 1/3 of the price, and it was a beautiful, real coach wallet! Definitely hit up the outlets for a great deal! I think Swarovski also is always a really great gift, that gives an extra special touch for jewelry. Vera Bradley also has countless options for moms!

Juicy Couture jewelry or a designer wristlet are perfect for any girlie girl!

Now for friends, here is where I have the most fun! There are very few friends I trade gifts with, which makes it more fun for me because I really get to search for things they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves! Wristlets have become extremely popular, and I think they make great gifts! Michael Kors and Coach both make great ones, and if you go to an outlet, you can really score a deal! Betsey Johnson and Juicy Couture also makes some really fun costume jewelry that makes a great gift, and usually have some great items on sale at Macy’s!

And lastly some special area gifts…

Other great items for aunts, friends, cousins, sisters, and all the divas in your life!

For your techie chic friend…an ipad or laptop case!! Found at tons of places! Vera, Bloomies, Michael Kors, everywhere! For your traveling diva…a flashy passport cover or hello kitty neck pillow! LOVES! Find either at TJ Max, Target, or Macys! Or see my earlier post on great travel items…all good gifts! For a gift with a personal touch? Print a great picture of you and your friend, pop it in a cute frame, and inscribe a nice message on the back!! Super personal AND cheap! Find super cheap frames at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls!

I hope this has inspired you to go out and get some amazing gifts this Christmas! Go forth and shop, lovelies!!!

Any great gifts ideas you have??? Share them with ferocia!!!


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