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Posted by on Nov 20, 2011 in Gifts, Holidays | 1 comment

Ferocia’s Holiday Gift Guide for boys!

Good tidings to all!!! If you had any interest in last week’s holiday gift guide for girls….saddle up! Because now we are taking on the daunting task of holiday gifts for boys!! Girls are about 120398123098% easier to buy gifts for than boys. First of all, nearly every girl I know needs a clutch or pashmina, done and done. Boys? Some boys are techie, some boys are uber manly. Some boys are metro, some boys just want to play video games. The task of buying any man in your life a gift is daunting, I have to say I am damn near tears every time my dad’s birthday rolls around. What to buy??? Well here is what I have surmised over the years…

Buying gifts for your brother is easy!! There is a lot to choose from!

Buying gifts for your brother is easy!! There is a lot to choose from!

Brothers are easiest. My brother is still very young, so toys suffice. I see no need to include children in my holiday gift guides, because kids are easy, buy them toys! However, here are some suggestions if your brother is over the age of 16: if he is in highschool, something techie is always great, a nice pair of headphones, a remote control helicopter, perhaps some kind of ipod/pad accessory. Some crazy swiss army knife, or sweet sweatpants! Target has some hilarious brother worthy pjs, including angry birds and call of duty. For a brother in college, get him some drinking game accessories, exploit the fact that he is in college! Spencers makes great boy gifts like a drinking game dart board for $10, or a pitcher of beer pong balls! All great gifts!

Gifts for a any dad who loves the outdoors!!

Dads are more difficult to buy for. If he is an outdoorsman, the swiss army knife is also a great gift, along with basically anything on the Cabella’s website. Cabellas is your FRIENDS ladies!!!! Last year I got my dad a fishing rod rack, a fishing accessory bag, a windbreaker. I am telling you, for an outdoorsman, literally ANYTHING on this website is a good idea.

Gifts for the business minded-father!

If your dad is going through a midlife crisis/fascination with cigars, there are great gifts out there ! A humidor, cigar lighter, and cigar travel case are all good gifts! For the dad that loses everything, those charging stations are nice. And for the business minded father, there is always a nice tie clip, tie organizer, or a new wallet/watch!

Finally the hardest of them all….your boyfriend! Buying gifts for a guy is hard, but finding a perfect gift to rival all the perfect gifts he buys you is even more difficult! My boyfriend buys me the absolute best gifts ever, and I always want to get him the best stuff too!! Here are some great ideas for your boyfriend…

Tumi is the perfect luxury luggage for the man who loves travel!

For the traveler or the man who enjoys the finer things. One word: tumi! Tumi tumi tumi. The absolute best in luxury luggage, you can never go wrong with tumi! It can get pricey, but sometimes you can find some clearance deals. Tumi is a techie-luxury luggage, and you can get anything from backpack to wallets, luggage to laptop case! The bookbag I bought my boyfriend also stores his laptop, and has been pre-approved by the TSA so when he takes this bag on an airplane, the laptop doesn’t have to come out of the bag during security scans, so cool! He loves it!

Does your boyfriend love sports? Score him some tickets!

For the sports guy….does he like soccer? Get him a jersey! Jerseys of any kind make an awesome gift for the sports fanatic! They can be found at many a sports store or even online. Or, another great idea are tickets!! Tickets to games can run you kind of pricey based on seats, but you can find some okay-priced seats too! Get him two hockey tickets or football, tell him to bring a friend or you!

Gifts for the techie in your life!

For the techie….any kind of apple anything, tablet, phone, anything! Or this season ereaders are huge! I bought my boyfriend a kindle, and we both really enjoyed traveling with them! This is a useful techie gadget that makes a great gift! Also, you can always hit up his Amazon wishlist and see what you find!

There is a gift for every geek!

For the is an amazing resource!! You can find absolutely anything, and some really fun novelty gifts! My boyfriend has a prized robot-tissue box from there, the silliest things can inspire such joy! Think Geek also has a clearance section! Seriously, check it out!! Target also makes some fun t-shirts, I recently purchased a lego-star wars t-shirt, and one got a kermit the frog themed t shirt for my muppet-obsessed uncle.

I hope that this has helped ease the stress of purchasing gifts for the man in your life this holiday season!! Boys, what do you want for Christmas??

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  1. Guys love Duct Tape too! It fixes anything, and be fashionable as well! Check out the new trend of Duct Tape Wallets, Belts, even Ties. ;)

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