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Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Christina Aguilera, Fashion Friday, Jennifer Lopez, Manolo Blahnik | 2 comments

Fashion Friday: Shoe Showdown

Shoes are my number one favorite accessory ever. When I was younger, I never understood why my mom loved shoes, I mean how many pairs did a person really need? TONS. Is the answer. Tons and TONS and TONS. While I really really love purses, I am super duper picky. Shoes however, you can rock on any occasion, and changing them is very no fuss! Last year I received my first ever pair of Manolo Blahniks, and it has been love ever since!!

My Manolo’s are pink faux alligator skin and are very strappy, with basically the thinnest heel you have ever seen. They are so delicate that even though I am madly in love with them, they only come out on extreme special occasions, and occasions where I don’t have to walk far. I am pretty good in heels, but these are sky high and as I mentioned, basically pin thin. They are truly a work of art, Manolo Blahnik certainly outdid himself. I am so happy to have such an iconic piece of fashion, and I feel super lucky. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I even have one pair of designer shoes.

Designer shoes do not have to be terribly terribly expensive. If we are already talking in the range of designer shoes, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, there are some ways to get a good deal. Barney’s in New York has incredible sales, and I have tried on (but not yet purchased) many a Louboutin and Blahnik at that location. I even got to briefly try on the shoe that Big proposes to Carrie with in the Sex and the City movie! These Blahniks can be as cheap as $300 if you get a good Barney sale, which I know, sounds absolutely ridiculous to spend on shoes, but if we are already in the range of designer shoes, they really are a steal.

One of the only other designer items I really want to acquire is a pair of Christian Loubitans. Shoes are like art to me. There just isn’t a way to wear shoes wrong. I could buy a fancy Stella McCartney sweater or a prada dress, but if I styled it wrong, who cares if it’s $10 or $10,000? It would just look wrong. But shoes….shoes are different! As long as you’re wearing the right size and don’t have hobbit feet, there is no wrong way to wear shoes!!

For those of you starting to believe I don’t like Louboutins in color I bring you these beauties…

I once tried these gorgeous pink shoes with gold glitter accent on in Barney’s, and I still think about how I had to leave them there to this day…trying on shoes you can’t afford can be both exhilarating and heart-breaking. Le sigh. Every girl with even the slightest interest in fashion is dying for a pair of those red-soled beauties! Christian Louboutin is an absolute master, and he has been making shoes for decades. I love Manolo Blahnik as much as the next gal, but there is just something so young and fresh about Louboutins…

Remember these AMAZE shoes from Burlesque??? Anyone?? It was the saving grace of that tranny train wreck movie. Can you guess? Louboutins, but of course! I am pretty sure they are my favorite pair of shoes I have ever seen. Christian Louboutin is really hott right now, right on trend with nude pumps, and platforms under the sole. Louboutins are a bit far out of my price range right now, but I HAD to have a pair of nude pumps, they go with EVERYTHING and elongate your legs! This is one trend I was right on top of, and I picked out a Jessica Simpson pair that I literally could wear with everything!

Wear some Louboutins with caution though, my darlings! J.LO once cut up her feet at an awards show wearing a pair of those ever-popular studded Loubies! While I love wearable shoes….couture shoes can be fun too….completely impractical, but what is fashion really for anyway?

In terms of out of this world couture shoes, Alexander McQueen is king. His shoes are insane!!! Not that anyone but Lady Gaga could successfully wear them, they are so fun to oogle at!

Until I open a box and see those red soles and gold signature I will be drooling! Who do you love more, Manolo or Christian??

“How important is Manolo Blahnik? If he asked me to change to change the name of the store to Neiman Blahnik, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

-Cynthia Marcus


  1. Those shoes from Burlesque! I died over those. I don’t know how you can even tempt yourself by trying them on-I would weep knowing I will never own them.

    • lol I am like a shoe masochist!! When they first showed those shoes in Burlesque I just about flew out of my chair! I love over the top shoes. They should have just put them on the movie poster, more people might have seen the movie then.

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