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Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Fashion Friday, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Hand Bag Holla

My love for handbags never waivers!

Okay, so now that you know my serious fascination with shoes, on to the only other item I freak out over…..handbags. I love handbags, but I am incredibly picky when it comes to the perfect one. As of late I have been really obsessed with top handle doctor-style satchel bags. My favorite designer is Michael Kors, and I have a summer Michael and a winter Michael! I can’t get enough!!

My Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel

I own this Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in blue that I got on super duper clearance at Macy’s. It is my favorite bag. I just feel like he really understands clean American sports wear, and can I JUST TELL YOU, I was totally on top of this bags-mimicking-birkins RIGHT when it happened. But I will get to the almight Birkin in a minute…here are some more Michael Kors satchel bags that make me drool…

This Michael Kors Python Satchal is to die!

I'm pretty sure that this is faux.....I wouldn't carry it if it were real, but I just love how wintery it is!

If it needs to be a shoulder bag, which I don’t always mind, it needs to be a nice chunky Soho Shoulder bag, I don’t like those teeny ones that look like they are for third graders, ya can’t fit nothin in ‘em!! Check out this Gucci….mmmmm…..

This Gucci shoulder bag is a dream! I would totes rock this on fifth avenue!

Gucci also makes a great top handle bag, reminiscent of the one I want from Louis Vuitton…

This is the Louis Vuitton bag I am most likely to own in my lifetime, only because it's the cheapest!

While Louis Vuitton makes gorgeous satchels, the one I MOST want is this gorgeous shoulder bag that is just a few thousand dollars out of my price range!!!

Love these Louis Vuitton Cirrus Bags!!!

This is my all-time dream Louis. Ahhhh the Trevi...

Of course Chanel is uber classic….

Classic Chain Strap Chanel Bag

And finally the Birkin…..oh the Birkin…

Celebrities With Their Birkins!

Jane Birkin was an actress and singer from France, who sat next to an Hermes executive on a plane once. On the flight, the contents of her bag fell out of the overhead, and she started complaining she can never find a great leather weekend bag. When the executive got home he mailed Jane Birkin a bag he designed with her in mind, and later asked if he could name the bag after her. It has since become an icon. These bags can go from $10-50,000 and at times can have up to a few years waiting list to get one. They are the ultimate in luxury bags!! This, of course, is a bag that even if I was a millionaire, I probably wouldn’t buy, unless I was like, making over a million dollars a year or something. It’s such an expensive one time purchase that you can’t just have a one time lump sum of $500,000 and justify yourself buying one, it’s just too much! But oh to dream….

Grace Kelly Werkin the Birkin!

Allow me to take the pulpit for a moment….Here is my belief about handbags. I know people think it’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money on bags, and it is….but it would also be kind of ridiculous to buy a Picasso and hang it in your living room, isn’t it? But they are both art. Having a print of picasso wouldn’t be the same as owning an original if you had the money to afford it. Not to mention, a bag is more practical, something you will use everyday, AND you are paying for the quality of that bag. I have a ten dollar H&M bag that I have used as much as I have used my Michael Kors bags, the H&M lining is torn, the bag is ripped and falling apart. My Michael Kors bag has not a thread out of place!

A BIrkin Bag is one of a kind!

Hermes, the creator of the Birkin, doesn’t even have an assembly line! There is ONE craftsman, using the absolute best leather in the world, hand stitching your bag together, and it takes about 18-20 hours to realize that bag alone! If you had the money, you sort of have to ask yourself if you want to support artists and craftsman with one bag that you can use for decades, or some cheap plastic manufactured bag from a factory in China that will last you a few months before falling to bits? I personally love seeing a beat up, love worn Louis Vuitton wallet. Of course I know 90% of the population cannot afford a Birkin, neither can I, but I see the worth! Just saying….

Do you have a bag that you are drooling over? A well worn favorite handbag? Ferocia wants to see it!!!

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