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Posted by on Nov 25, 2011 in American Music Awards, Award Shows, Celebrities, Christina Aguilera, Fashion Friday, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: American Music Awards Fashions

These days I pretty much only watch music award shows for the trainwrecks and huge pop culture moments that occur. I love the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes, but those seem to be the only shows that take their awards seriously. For example, who would have wanted to miss Jennifer Lopez turning her performance into a Fiat commercial??? Not I!! So I watched, and here I would like to present the fashions from bad to worse!

There was one, ONE, ONE great look of the night. One person who always brings the class and dresses for the occasion, and that is my girl Taylor Swift!! Swifty always looks perfect and sparkley, which is pretty much how I would dress if I was some young musical ingenue. I know everyone is getting tired of her being surprised that she wins every freaking award known to man, but I just adore her! I can’t get enough of her music or her look! She looked glamorous in gold, and I totally want to own a dress just like this!

In a totally unrelated note, she has the cutest kitten ever named Meredith that she tweets about constantly….just thought you should know, because LOOK HOW CUTE!!!!

Tay definitely was the best dressed of the night.

In terms of red carpet, I feel the need to mention Selena Gomez. She looked just okay. Everyone seems to be really digging on this old Hollywood Glamour look, and I like it, but I thought the dress was ill-fitting. It didn’t suit her, and I don’t think she has the curves to handle a 1920s inspired dress. Good try, though, Selena! Good try. A for effort.

Now that has been cleared up, we can go on to the messes that occurred all night….first….Jennifer Lopez. I am over the nude body suit. When she first came out, she was in this huge gown with wings, sort of, and she started singing a ballad. At first I was worried for her, because I really didn’t think JLo could pull off the ballad, but don’t worry, she stopped one line in and tried something new for a change- dancing around in a body suit to a cd track. How original!

This particular body suit DID NOT look good. At least I don’t think so. She had this fringe hanging off of her in a ‘V’ shape, and I thought it looked terrible, it made her hips look gigantic.

She then quickly took the fringe off and changed into a different, better body suit, but still. If you ask me, there is only one person who has ever properly rocked the nude body suit, and that was the FIRST person to do it, Britney Spears.

Let me tell you ladies something, BRITNEY OWNS THAT NUDE BODY SUIT. AND AIN’T NOBODY DO IT LIKE BRITNEY DID IT! Try something else!

Anywho, after she was done being predictable, Jennifer Lopez actually looked quite nice! Her dress for the rest of the night was a Giambattista Valli gown that was nude with gorgeous black lace applique. Very pretty!!

Her after-party dress was also gorgeous! I love a little short dress sass. I need to rock the long-sleeve super short dress bit more often. Girl does always bring the glam!Emilio Pucci with sequins AND feathers?? Yes please!

Nicki Minaj looked ridiculous, as usual. I get that Gaga does it for performance art and often has all these weird ideas behind her looks…but Nicki…well i’m not really sure why she does it! It’s weird, and doesn’t make any sense, and if I am even slightly sick of Lady Gaga doing it, then I am definitely over Nicki Minaj doing it. That shade of green is almost as terrible as her hair. Almost. Even Oscar De La Renta makes mistakes.

Katy Perry is always fun on a red carpet. You never know what she is going to show up in, and while she is usually quite cheeky about it, it is always something different, and she never looks stupid. Funny yes, tongue in cheek, yes, but she certainly never shows up with stuffed animals sewn onto her dress. I love Katy! Her dress was Vivienne Westwood, and while unusual, it still seemed glamorous and appropriate!

I REALLY love her and hair and makeup with this look. Pink hair neva looked so glamorous!

Her performance dress was a little out there, and many are referring to it as “Judy Jetson” inspired. I didn’t love it, but at least she did a great job singing!

The last, perhaps possibly the most talked about, fashion was Christina Aguilera. Ohh ohh xtina. I have ALWAYS been a fan of hers. I have her very first album, and I once choreographed my own routine to Genie In A Bottle. No joke, big fan, I have every album. I don’t want to be one of those people that talks about how fat she looked, because she IS curvy, and i’m glad that she is changing the perspective of beautiful, and celebrities don’t all need to be anorexic…but…..let’s be honest…at the AMAs she looked like this…

…..and she used to look like this….

…and I think we are all just….adjusting. I don’t think she is able to wear weight well. She is a very tiny, petite, pixie of a person, and you can generally tell when people that small have gained even five pounds. There are people like Christina Hendricks, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian who all work the curves. It’s not about the curves, you just have to get the look right. It is not suiting her, and, white/silver is a very unforgiving color. You could see every single outline of her underpants and spanx. Oh girl.

I am still mourning her and Jordan Bratman, and I think I always will. I liked them together, and he inspired my favorite album, Back To Basics, and I just feel like she looked her absolute best in those days.

I really wish she would go back to working the vintage look, she does it so well.

All in all, it was a crazy night! Thank god for Taylor Swift!

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