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Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Bucket List, Inspiration, Japan, Travel | 2 comments

Bitten by the Travel Bug

You can tell when you have been bitten by the travel bug. Even if things seem to be going great, it’s like you sort of have this itch, like you need to get outta town and you’re not sure why. There is just so much to do and see in this world!! I get the same itch when it comes to New York, if I haven’t been in more than a few weeks, haven’t felt the surge of the city and the fresh fifth avenue air, I have to go! It’s just an energy that I need in my life, as is travel!

Since I try to travel, or at least end up traveling every 3-4 months, about two months in is when I get the urge! It doesn’t take long before I start to get a little anxious about my next trip if I don’t have one planned. I read a lot of travel blogs, some of my favorites featured in the blog roll are female solo traveler Adventurous Kate and Andi of My Beautiful Adventures. Reading travel blogs sometimes makes me feel like I don”t travel frequently enough, but I just have to remember, everyone starts somewhere! These girls are travel for months at a time, back and forth across the globe. However, when I am home and start talking about Aruba, then throw out that I went to Disney, then talk about how we just got back from the Outerbanks, I realize I do travel kind of frequently.

There are SO many places I haven’t been yet though, and I am dying to go to Europe. Asia is so far away that it seems like a triumph to have gone to even just one country over there, but Europe is different. I feel like most people have been to a lot of really commercial countries in Europe, so I don’t really see only having been to one as any big great accomplishment. Paris was still one of the most beautiful memories of my life, but I need more of them, definitely!!

Next on the agenda is most likely Asia again, as I mentioned in a previous post, which of course I am ecstatic about! I would love to go to Japan, but I am not sure if that is going to happen. I will most likely be going back to Taiwan, but again, this early on nothing is certain yet! Japan is extremely expensive for the time that we are looking to go. To get to Taiwan we would need a layover in Narita, which is you haven’t heard about how much I LOVE Narita airport, check out this very early post from FF, and we are hoping to get the airline to extend our layover to the next day so we can at least zip around Tokyo for 24 hours. I really want to check out Tokyo, even if briefly, it would kill me to have been in Japan for the second time without seeing any of their exquisite city!!

While I was in Taiwan I had seen many of the sights. Many of my favorites include Longshan Temple, Shi Lin Night marker, and the National Palace Museum. There are plenty of other sights though that I didn’t make it to, like Sun and Moon Lake, virtually anything south of Taipei, and the National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. If we go back in January, I am really looking forward to hitting up these spots!

Soon I want to go to Europe, but I know whenever a great opportunity arises, I will be going! You never know what the future has in store for you!


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