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Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in New Jersey | 6 comments

The Ultimate Borgata Bachelorette Party In Atlantic City!

I have mentioned in many a post that one of my very best friends is getting married this month, and I am the maid of honor! Everything so far has mostly gone off without a hitch, she is the most awesome bride, totally low-maintenance, and I got to pick my own fabulous dress, not to mention I didn’t have to match it with twelve other girls, it’s just me! That being said, I was glad to take on the role of bachelorette party planner, and want to share all of the tips and tricks I learned along the way!

In New Jersey, both the bride and I saw the only bachelorette party options as New York or Atlantic City. Unless you are in an area like Hoboken, there aren’t a lot of great, chic clubs or martini bars in New Jersey that you don’t all have to drive to. New York is always a great option, but we decided to go the extra hour and spend a night in Atlantic City, which is honestly the perfect place. There is gambling, clubs, fancy hotels, bars, and plenty of options everywhere!

For me, in Atlantic City, the best of the best is the Borgata. While the strip is much more packed together, and you can hop from place to place, I wanted ONE place that would host EVERYTHING we needed. I needed the club, the dinner, and our room, all rolled into one! I think it makes it easier for everyone not to have to take a cab anywhere, but also it is nice to be able to keep track of everyone!!

We all split a Borgata Fiore Suite and the room was incredible……it was AMAZING!!! A hot tip for anyone who goes to Atlantic City or the Borgata, is to get a Borgata Rewards Card. My boyfriend has one, it’s free, you just put it in a slot machine when you gamble or whatever, and you get all these perks, and we got an insanely beautiful suite on the end of the hotel for an amazing rate. The room was a gigantic two queen bedroom suite, with a bathroom that could sleep ten. The bathroom had two sinks, a vanity, a seperate toilet area, a jacuzzi tub, a marble shower, and the whole bathroom was pretty much marble. It was a dream for 5 girls getting ready together!!! Also, the Borgata Hotel is like a big rectangle, except one side of the building is curved, that curve is where all the big suites are, and they have floor to ceiling bay windows around half the room. We were on the 25th floor facing the city, and the view was absolutely to die!!! If you’re throwing a party in AC, splurge for the suite, it is absolutely worth it!!!

Everyone arrived and got ready, we were ready to go out and see everything by 6pm, and dinner wasn’t until 7:30pm, so we hit the casino! First we had a drink at this chi chi bar Metropolitan, and then gambled a little bit! My favorite slot machine will always be Sex and the City! It is SO fun, and if you are lucky enough to get to play a mini game then you get to pick boxes of shoes for prizes and see clips from the show, FUN!!!

Dinner was at 7:30pm at Fornelletto, the Borgata’s Italian restaurant. I think when you plan a dinner, you need to make sure there is something for everyone. There are a few amazing steakhouses in the Borgata, but that doesn’t work for our vegetarians, and there was a Japanese place, but Japanese is a bit more tricky because it’s not for everyone. Italian is a pretty safe bet!


After dinner we went back to the room to play some games! I was well prepared with special-shaped ring pops, straws, and two games, Pin the Cock on the Jock and Banana Ring Toss! Banana Ring Toss was kind of a bust, I think you need more alcohol or more people to play, but Pin the Jock was a HUGE hit!! We had a ridiculous time! I also brought a lot of snacks and drinks to the hotel room, because drinks are really expensive in the hotel! This way we can drink in the hotel and not have to spend so much at the club. Pin the Jock was a great time, I am so glad I found that game!!

To cap off the night we went to da club!!! Mixx and Murmur are both clubs in the Borgata. Murmur is a smaller, more upscale lounge, and Mixx is two floors. There is always something amazing going on at both, at Mixx that night this great DJ, DJ Scene was there, and Nick Cannon and LaLa Vasquez were at Murmur. We stuck with Mixx because it was bigger. The club was packed! If you call ahead and make reservations for your party, there is a $20 cover, but you get to skip the line. You can do that or get bottle service, but it was $300 a bottle for every 3-4 people, which is kind of insane!! We much preferred to get invited into VIP areas that night, rather than pay for our own!

The whole night was a total success, I couldn’t have planned it better. The top things I benefited from were:
1.) Booking everything in advance- the dinner, the club, everything. Have a plan!!!

2.) splitting a big suite-some of the best time was playing games in the suite, and getting ready to go out together!

3.) Preparing for your party to vary anywhere from 1-3 people, expect people whom you didn’t to show up, and some that you did, not to! Be prepared!!

Happy Party Planning!!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience, I was just wondering if I can get some information off you, My best friend is getting married in May & her future sister-in-law & I are trying to plan an AC bachelorette party. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much did it cost per person, we don’t have a number of people yet. just would like an idea. & did the Borgata do everything for you? like plan it all when you called? I love the Borgata, only place I’ll stay when my boyfriend & I go.

    • Hi Amanda, thanks so much for the comment, I am glad you found the post interesting. When planning a bachelorette party in NJ, a major choice is always Atlantic City. The Borgata did not plan it for us. They will ask you if you want to make dinner reservations, but you have to specify on the phone what you want. I am not sure if they offer an option to plan it for you for a price, but I did not use any service like that. I called the Club Mixx once to get general information, and then called a second time to put all of my reservations into place. We all split a Fiore suite which costs around $500.00, entry to the club was $20 per person except for the bride who gets in free, and then whatever the price of dinner was. We had about 6 people for the suite including the bride who didn’t pay, so I made it an even $100.00 per person to stay in the suite. I thought it was easier for everyone to just pay an equal round number. Overall I would say everyone spent about $150.00 for dinner/club/suite. You could have everyone get their own room, but it was kind of fun all of the girls getting ready together, and the suite was really huge.

      I hope that’s helpful! If you have any further questions feel free to email me at, I’d be happy to answer anything else or make further suggestions! Goodluck!

  2. Hi I saw you got the Fiore suite, and I am planning a bach party as well. I was wondering how many people stayed in the suite, and if there was enough room for everyone. I am looking to have about 8 people stay in the room together. Thanks! Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! We had 6 people in our suite. There are two queen beds, so we had two people in each bed, one girl passed out on the couch, and one girl slept on a giant arm chair that had a foot rest. Everyone was comfortable, but unless you are prepared to have two people sleep on the floor, or cram 3 people to a bed, you might need a bigger suite, or two of them. There is a chance that the couch may have been a pull out, but I can’t confirm- if it was we did not use it that way.

      It IS a gorgeous room though, and the bathroom is so gigantic you could play football in it.

      I hope that helps. Goodluck and have a blast!

      • Awesome this is super helpful, thanks for such a quick reply!


  3. Hey,

    Thanks for all the information. I was actually considering renting the Fiore suite but I was put off my the fact that a lot of places say that the maximum occupancy is only 4. Did they check key cards or were there 6 people allowed?


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