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Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in Books and Movies, Celebrities, Designers, Fashion Icons | 0 comments

That Extra Half An Inch

Lately I have been making it my mission to be more stylish, and have started to realize, it’s just like anything else, it requires thoughts and practice! Every day when I get up in the morning I need to not be lazy and grab what is closest in my closet, I need to put outfits together thoughtfully and think about the whole look. In my quest to be stylish, I ordered a few style books to brush up on what I know. I already reviewed the Kardashian Konfidential book, which I thought would be more about style than it was. However, I also ordered the Victoria Beckham book, That Extra Half An Inch, which was a great success! It’s a couple years old, but so what? Her style is timeless!

Victoria Beckham is the epitome of a girl who does and has it all. Girlfrennn has a sexy, beautiful, successful, athletic husband, she has four gorgeous kids, she is gorgeous, she was an international popstar turned fashion designer, with more and more celebrities wearing her clothes everyday. It’s amazing! I mean who doesn’t want to be her???

Her book, That Extra Half An Inch, is no exception, it’s great!! Posh Becks goes item by item describing how and when to rock what, jeans, shorts, dresses, purses, she knows everything! She gives tips on buying jeans, skin treatments! It is an extremely comprehensive book, although I got the UK edition, and you have to remember what means what in Brit Speak, I was very confused in the tank top section! I kept wondering to myself how Victoria Beckham manages to wear so many vests! Get it Vests=Tank Tops.

The book is full of amazing pictures of Victoria Beckham too, I am so inspired by her style. If anyone is looking to spruce up their look, this book can be so cheap on Amazon, check it out!!!

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