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Posted by on Oct 23, 2011 in The Real Housewives, TV Shows | 0 comments

Real Housewives of New Jersey MADNESS

I swear to you the Real Housewives of New Jersey are the gifts that just keep on giving. Each season is wonderfully spell-binding, I just can’t tear my eyes away! I especially have come to love the show because the villain keeps changing!! The first two seasons were all about Danielle Staub, resident bitch and trouble maker, and you really thought that she was the crux of every problem in the Manzo/Guidice family. I have met her in person, which you can read about HERE, and I have to say, I really vouched that she was crazy too! HOWEVER, now in season three we come to find the real source of the problem is Teresa Guidice!

I was Team Teresa all through Seasons One and Two, I mean who can deny it, Danielle seemed SO EFFING CRAZY! Then this season started, and just as Caroline Manzo recently rehashed in a vicious blog blasting the show, we all thought Melissa Gorga was going to be the new problem! Teresa had everyone, viewers and fellow housewives alike convinced that Melissa was trouble, but slowly as the season started unfurling, I switched teams. Melissa was a riot! And I started noticing that during every confessional interview, all she kept saying was how much she wanted everyone to get along, and I really believe her. Whereas, in Teresa’s interviews, she just talks trash about Melissa…it just doesn’t add up! Melissa gorga seemed fun, smart, an adorable family-gal, and she is undeniably the most beautiful housewife on the show.

It took me a little longer to come around to Kathy, after the christening she really seemed to be sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, but again, as the season went on, Kathy turned out to be SO Likeable!! Her family is SO sweet, I LOVED the contracts she made her kids sign. They are just really cute family people. When Teresa went after Kathy in Punta Cana, like WTF?!? But up til now, you STILL just think that it’s Team Gorga Vs. Team Gudice….

AND THEN it was like real housewives media hell broke loose! It began with Jacqueline’s twitter firestorm where she went cray cray saying that she wasn’t going to the reunion and she had been betrayed, and didn’t want to be a part of the show anymore! Come to find out on the reunion show that TERESA is the villan!! I am sorry, if Caroline Manzo hates you, I probably do too. And the fact that Teresa found a way to drive a wedge between Caroline and her sister, former castmember Dina Manzo? I really can’t even believe it. Teresa was SO annoying at the reunion, cutting Caroline off, and just being a total biatch! I also did not find all the jabs Teresa took at Caroline in her book Fabulicious, to be very funny. I would be offended too!!!

Final Thoughts:

  1. I am just dying to see the conclusion of the reunion tonight. I can’t BELIEVE it was so bad that the Bravo team allowed Jacqueline not to come, isn’t it like in a contract somewhere or something? It must have been MayyyyyJorrrr. It’s making me really excited for Season 4
  2. I can’t stop singing On Display
  3. I can no longer stand Teresa Guidice OR Juicy Joe, is everyone still cringing from when his drunken ass chipped a tooth?
  4. My allegiance to Caroline Manzo will never waver!

Whose team are you on???



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