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Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Celebrities, Inspiration, LA Ink, Los Angeles, TV Shows | 2 comments

Inspired by Kat Von D

I LOVE tattoos, but I am one of those awful people that love them and don’t have them. I just haven’t found something I can commit to for eternity. That being said, I LOVE checking out people’s tattoos, hearing the stories behind it, watching friends get tattoos, love it! I know LA Ink isn’t popular with many tattooed folk, but I got completely sucked in, and I love Kat Von D! While I question her recent relationship with sleazebag Jesse James, I just adore her, I love her style, her tattoos, her makeup, everything really. Kat Von D seems to be the kind of person who incites a ‘love or hate’ feeling, and I get it, she can be a bit much. But I love it!

To me, Kat Von D is just larger than life. She is like a giant ferocia tranny and I just dig it!

I think she is gorgeous, but I know that it’s not a popular opinion. I think girlfriend is GORGUSS!

What inspires me about her is that A.) she does whatever the f*** she wants, B.) she is a true artist, and C.) she is a shrewd business woman. Anyone that has ever watched LA Ink can tell that she is all business. I love self-made business women. She really has come up on top all by herself, she went from this outcast runaway kid to a seriously successful and wealthy human being, and seems to have a sense of humor about herself too. What’s not to love?

Also, love it or hate it, she does amazing insane work. Her tattoos are always absolutely stunning, her black and white portraits are INSANE! Her makeup is also amazing. I fell totally in love with all her crazy makeup she does on herself on the show, again, just another extension of her art. While I assumed her makeup line at Sephora would just be another crappy celebrity line, but actually her eye makeup is really good stuff!! I received an eye palette as a gift, and I love it! There is a lot of pigment, just like MAC makeup, and it blends really nicely, I am a really big fan! I have heard her tattoo concealer is not great, but I haven’t used it, obviously.

I have both of her books, High Voltage, and The Tattoo Chronicles, both of which are excellent, and when I was in LA I stopped by her shop, High Voltage, and it was SO COOL! There was a short line to stand in to get inside, because they were filming, but everyone in there was so cool. I am sure they get a lot of people that mull over getting a last minute tattoo, but they take their time talking to each person, offer plenty of help, and even give you a friendly reminder that you really have to know what you want, because you will have it forever! I talked to her brother who is often featured on the show, and he was SO EFFING NICE! While I didn’t get to talk to Kat or Corey Miller, I did see both of them! The shop is surprisingly small in real life, but again, SO COOOOOL.


I am a huge Kat Von D fan, and I am constantly inspired by her!




  1. She is beautiful and I love her work. Great post, Kelli!

    • Thanks Sarah! Glad you liked it, I LOVE her!

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