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Posted by on Oct 17, 2011 in Taiwan, Travel | 0 comments

I’m Just Travelin, Travelin, Travelin, Traveling Along…

Hey all! I know I have been doing a lot of more structured posts that are very subject based, which I hope everyone is enjoying! However, everyone is always asking about the next trip, so this one might be a little more free form..

Lately I have really been feeling going to Europe. Although I do want to spend time to lap up and immerse myself in Italy, I really really REALLLLY want to go. Originally my thought was to squeeze it in over spring break, and try to go to Rome or Venice. Ideally, I want to go everywhere in Italy, Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Capri, Naples, Verona, but I figured if I was going to go for a week, I really want to saturate myself in one place that has the most to see. My friends are conflicted over whether Venice or Rome is the better place, Venice is a city on water, romantic and enchanting, however Rome has the most tourist attractions, I feel like I will get the most bang for my buck in Rome. there I can see the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Vatican.

I did consider going a few other places in Europe, because once I go to Italy the world will get much smaller. I really want to go to Spain, especially since having read the Ava Gardner biography, and I thought that would be a good other foray into Europe. I really want to see the Gaudi buildings and churches in Spain.  I am also dying to check out London!

Of course traveling is always on my mind, and just like life, you make plans, and things happen! While I am super excited to go to Europe sometime soon, now it is looking like I might be going back to Asia, which is AMAZING also!!

Recently my boyfriend and I had a really great opportunity to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in November, which unfortunately we had to turn down. To get to Chiang Mai we would have been traveling for almost 20 hours, layover in D.C, flying to Bangkok, then taking a bus too get to Chiang Mai, and we would have only been there a few days. While Bangkok is the more populated city and tourist attraction, Chiang Mai has a lot of historic and religious sites, I would have loved to go! Sometimes the opportunity is amazing but it just won’t work. Of course I am never disappointed as something always comes along, and it has!!

Another opportunity has arrived luckily, to go to Japan! Nothing is set in stone, of course anything could happen, but it is a possibility right now. When I went to Taiwan in February we had a layover in Japan and unfortunately only saw the airport! (which, if the coolest airport ever, and if you missed that post definitely check it out HerE!) Since then I have been dying to check out that beautiful country, and even though it is always expensive, rates are down from the tsunami, so Japan needs tourists now more than ever! The country IS safe to visit, the only place that is not 100%  safe is a very small radius around the nuclear power plant that is in Fukushima, almost 200 miles from Tokyo. If I do get lucky enough to visit Japan in the next few months, I will be in Tokyo for a few short days, and possibly Yokohama, north of Tokyo.

When you travel so far to get to Asia, you kind of have to hop around a bit, I mean you have come so far, why not see some stuff! If I do go to Japan, we will be there for a few days and then go to Taiwan for a week or two. Japan is only a four hour plane ride from Taiwan, so naturally we need to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Jim’s family while we are over there. Nothing is for sure, and things could definitely change, but I am ecstatic at the possibility of going!

I had a wonderful time in Taiwan, and I cannot believe I might be able to see Japan!!! To be continued….!

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