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Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in Celebrities, Elizabeth Taylor, New York City, Old Hollywood | 0 comments

Elizabeth Taylor Bares Her Jewels at Christie’s

This time in December I will be flocking to Christie’s as fast as my Manolo’s will take me, to get to the Elizabeth Taylor jewelry exhibit at Christie’s! Right now Taylor’s vast collection of some of the most amazing gems of our time are touring Moscow or where ever the hell, ending on a final stop at Christie’s before they are auctioned off for good. All of the proceeds will go to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.

The exhibit of over 250 pieces of jewelry that estimate well over $30 million, will probably be the last time you will ever see these gems in the same place ever again! Anyone who has even the slightest interest in jewelry needs to haul buns over to Christie’s, because Elizabeth Taylor was known for her gems. Taylor had some of the most famous jewels in the world, including the Hope Diamond.

The Hope Diamond is no longer a part of her collection, and is currently at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. I had the pleasure of seeing of seeing the diamond at the Smithsonian, and it is gigantic and stunning, I can’t believe she owned it. If you ever make it to D.C, it’s a must-see!

While I am sure Elizabeth Taylor had quite the jewelry collection before Richard Burton entered the picture, the collection absolutely multiplied after him. Richard Burton’s first gift to the love of his life was the 33 carat Krupp Diamond, a giant emerald cut diamond that she wore on a ring, purchased for $305,000 in 1968. It was one of her favorite pieces, and was absolutely stunning. The ring was the most anyone had ever paid at an auction for a diamond ring it it’s time.

For Taylor’s 37th birthday, Burton bought her the La Peregrina Pearl, one of the most famous pearls in the world, almost 500 years old. The pearl has passed through the hands of many royals, and eventually, of course, ended up in the hands of Elizabeth Taylor. One evening Taylor couldn’t find the pearl, and found it later in the mouth of one of her dogs, causually saying “thank god it wasn’t scratched.” The lady was a pistol!

One of Burton’s biggest purchases for Taylor was the Cartier diamond, which has been aptly renamed ‘The Taylor-Burton Diamond’. Harry Winston once owned this giant diamond of 75 carats, and it was passed around a few famous hands before landing in an auction. Burton’s representative dropped out of the auction at $1 million, and later after someone purchased it, decided he needed it anyway.

These are just a few pieces of the collection I can’t wait to see, but I sure the entire stock will be mesmerizing! An absolute must-see! For more information on the release of this exquisite collection, click here !


“I have never considered my jewelry as trophies. I only take care of them and love them: we are but temporary custodians of beauty.”

-Elizabeth Taylor

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