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Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Books and Movies | 0 comments

Eating Animals

Eating Animals is a book that I stumbled upon in the non-fiction section at Borders. My test as to whether or not to buy a book is to start reading a few pages, the beginning, somewhere in the middle, where ever, and see if I feel like I don’t want to stop reading, I buy it! Luckily, I didn’t want to stop reading whatever portion I started that day, and I am so glad, because I love this book!

Eating Animals is a non-fiction book by Johnathan Safran-Foer, the author of Everything Is Illuminated. The book is about eating animals, and his own personal journey to becoming a vegetarian. It is a really informative read, with a really good personal touch, and I think it’s perfect for people thinking about wading into vegetarianism. His expose about factory farming is a powerful one, and Natalie Portman even claims it is the reason she became vegan! To read her amazing article about it in the Huffington Post, click Here!

What I find most interesting about the book is the personal touches Foer puts in the book, it is an extremely honest perspective. Foer begins the book with why he eats meat, and how meat has played a very integral role in eating as a family. This book does expose the backwards ways of the very scary and disturbing factory farming industry, but Foer is taking it upon himself to do the research, so that he himself can really search his own feelings. This is not a man who began this story on a pulpit railing against meat-eaters, he really isn’t sure how he feels at the beginning about vegetarianism, and after doing his own research, he comes to a conclusion in the end!

How he gets there is a fun adventure as well, the history of food, making phone calls to Tyson chicken, and eventually sneaking into a chicken coup with a certain vegetarian renegade. Eating Animals really isn’t just an educational book, I was interested in the story from start to finish. However, at times it is harrowing, as is the tale of factory farmed food. Meat today is not the same as meat in the past. Chickens are injected with so many steroids that they cannot stand, then they are given antibiotics to keep them alive, because otherwise the conditions are unlivable, and once they are killed, all of those drugs have made it into your food. Every time you eat meat, you are putting that in your body, but also voting for an industry that does not care about our health or mankind at all, for that matter.

I am a pescatarian, I only eat fish, but eventually I think I would like to go full vegetarian and maybe even vegan someday. For me, it began as a health issue, and then became a political issue. The government has no regulation on what we put in our bodies, and they are letting some very rich people do some very awful things. To eat meat nowadays, especially meat that isn’t local, is to blindly support a very backwards industry. Eating food that destroys your body and the Earth because it tastes good is pretty irresponsible, if you ask me.  While animals are an issue, the entire industry is dangerous for humans, too, and people who work for these food giants are constantly put at risk and treated despicably.The meat industry is taking advantage of consumers, workers, animals, and farmers, and it needs to stop.

There is many a good documentary on Netflix to inform you about what you’re eating (Food INC, and Forks Over Knives are both great), and this book is a great start for anyone who wants to know the truth about your food, straight from someone who also just wanted to know the truth about their food. For more information about Eating Animals and Foer’s journey, click Here!

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