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Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Celebrities, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons, Inspiration, Kardashians, Keeping Up With the Kardashians | 0 comments

A Very Kardashian Wedding : Welcome to Fashion Friday!

Fashion Friday is a new feature I am adding to this blog about things in fashion I am obsessed with! While I am no fashionista, I do read Vogue religiously! These features will be new and old fashion, kicking it old school, runway, or new trends!

I absolutely could not let the Kardashian wedding slip by without a commentary from me! Ferocia Fatale has brought you both Oscar and Royal Wedding Commentary, and the Kim Kardashian wedding is no different! Having featured TONS of fashion, mostly Vera Wang, I thought it was the perfect inauguration for Fashion Friday! Right now you can only see pictures of the wedding on repeat on the E! channel, or in a huge spread in People magazine.

Let’s start with the most obvious: the wedding dresses! Kimmy K featured 3 different custom made wedding dresses, all by designer Vera Wang. The first dress was a giant strapless ball gown with lace applique and a nine foot train. One word: ICK! I am sorry, Princess ball gowns are not my thing, and styled with this ridiculous head piece, I thought she looked very 80s. The head piece had 2.5 million dollars in diamonds, but I think it looked so dumb. Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her makeup was stunning, she didn’t need all these insane accessories to make her look good!

The second dress, which I think she only wore for a short portion of the reception, for the entrance and first dance, was actually my favorite, but I think it seemed VERY reminiscent of Dylan Lauren’s recent wedding dress, except Lauren’s was hand made by her father, Ralph Lauren, and much prettier.


Don’t you LOVE Dylan Lauren’s dress? It makes Kim Kardashian’s dress look like the step sister that tried too hard to copy and fell short.


The third Kim Kardashian dress was a slinky silk 1920s number that was fitted and very pretty with a drop waist, but STILL not up to the celebrity par I really wanted. It was just okay, I wasn’t stunned. I just expected more from Kim Kardashian!

The bridesmaids dresses were gorgeous, arguably more pretty than the bride’s dress. The bridesmaids, all of the Kardashian sisters, wore white, strapless, Vera Wang silk organza gowns, just like the bride, and I actually kind of liked this unusual twist! Who says you’re bridesmaids can’t wear white? While I think it made Kim stand out a bit less, I really liked it! Kris Jenner, however, looked absolutely ridiculous, also in Vera Wang. Who let her wear that??

I have to say, there are two areas where our girl Kimmy K got it right: diamonds and decor! I LOVED the black and white theme, I think it added elegance and class to the whole affair. I also LOVED her diamonds! It has been estimated that girlfriend was sporting about 15 million dollars in diamonds that day inlcluding her wedding gift from Kris Humphries, a giant diamond bracelet with a knot of more diamonds, and dangling diamond ‘k’s (tying the knot…..get it? Get it? Hardy Har Har..) All of the diamonds were designed by Lorraine Schwartz, who also helped Chris Humphries design her gigantic 20 carat engagement ring. The more diamonds the better! The decor was also simply stunning! I kind of liked the idea of giving your guests a dress code, no one can go wrong in black and white!


In the end, I am always thankful for a little celebrity hoopla, but I MUCH prefer Khloe and Lamar, and I much preferred her wedding fashion. Khloe’s wedding dress, also made by Vera, was so stunning, original, and beautiful, and I loved all of the purple. Beautiful!

And that my friends, was our first fashion friday!

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