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Posted by on Sep 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Travel | 0 comments

Viva Las Vegas….Birthday Memories From the Gambling Capital of the World

As my birthday approaches at the end of September, I cannot help but think back to my last birthday that I spent doing what I love with (almost) everyone that I love!! Last year I turned 21 in Las Vegas, surrounded by my closest friends and family!It was my first time in Vegas, my birthday, my friend’s birthday, and my other friend got engaged! We all had the best time, and I cannot help but reminisce as I approach my 22nd birthday!

Turning 21 is a huge deal to everyone, because it is the legal drinking age. I, however, like to pretend that it was an even BIGGER deal for me, because every single one of my friends is several years older than me. My friends range in ages from 23 to 37, but no matter what I have always been the baby. Drinking isn’t a huge deal to me, but being able to go to the same bars and clubs as my friends does. If anyone was having a party at a bar and we weren’t sure that I could get in, I had to stay behind, or it meant I would be holding the entire crew back from a good time. There is nothing more embarrassing than being the person holding everyone back from a good time! I decided when I was 20 that I was going to make a HUGE deal for my 21st, and do it up big, Vegas-style!

Luckily, I have some amazing friends that were in from the get-go. My best friend Kerri, who has shown up a few times in this blog, loves to travel and was immediately in, as was her then-boyfriend, (now fiancee, more on that later), my best friend since middle school, Amelia, and her boyfriend, who ALSO had a birthday that weekend, took a little coaxing, but they made it there, which I am immensly proud of! My dad is always down for Las Vegas, so he came too, with his friend from work. Also there was my boyfriend, his best friend, his sister, and her boyfriend, so altogether we were a large, fun bunch!! I told everyone that while I wanted them there, everyone’s price point was obviously different, so everyone was to book their own room where ever they wanted, I didn’t want to limit people based on where they could afford to stay. This ended up being a success, I think.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Bellagio, and we had various friends spread out all over the place, including New York New York, the Paris, MGM, and the Monte Carlo. We had a few events spread out throughout the weekend that people could join at different times, for example one night my boyfriend and I, along with Mike and Kerri went out to see the Cirque Du Soleil Show, ‘O’, which was absolutely stunning and by far the best Cirque show I have ever seen.

Another night we all had dinner together at the Rio buffet, at my dad’s recommendation, which was amazing food of every genre. The night that I actually turned 21 we all met at a bar, Valentino’s, in the Venetian. The overall tone of the weekend was have a great time, and do whatever you want!! Some of my favorite moments included seeing O, having my first legal Cosmopolitan, and hanging out at the Bellagio pool all morning one of the days. It was SO hot, and we were having expensive pool drinks, lounging in the pool, it was such a relaxing, awesome time.

We also hit up a fabulous bar at the Monte Carlo, called Minus 5, which is a bar made entirely of ICE! You have to rent uggs, a parka, and gloves to go in, because it is freezing! The tables, glasses, chairs, everything was made of ice in a giant cooler. We had such a great time! They come in and photograph you, there is an ice luge to take shots from, everyone loved it. It was quite the party!!!

Las Vegas was an amazing time, and it was made even more amazing because my two friends, Kerri and Mike, who WERE boyfriend and girlfriend before we arrived, got engaged on the trip!!! It gave everyone more of a reason to celebrate, and we are all so happy for them!! They are getting married next month, and I cannot wait to celebrate their love at their wedding!!! Congratulations to Mike and Kerri on the weekend of the anniversary of your engagement!!

And happy birthday to Austin! Thank you for taking the time to spend your last birthday with everyone out here!!

My heart still bursts when I think of everyone who flew across the country to celebrate my biggest birthday, and I cannot thank these people enough. Thank you so much to Amelia, Austin, Kerri, Mike, Mary, Adrian, Kurt, My dad, and of course, Jim, for making it the best time of my life! It was a birthday I will never forget, and reminded me that I have the best friends and family that anyone could possibly ask for!


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