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Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Broadway Shows | 0 comments

The Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is the most beautiful show on Broadway, which probably contributes to why it is the longest running show on Broadway right now. It has been at the Majestic theater since 1988, which means that it is older than I am! Incroyable! My mom and boyfriend have both been dying to see it, and I figure when a show runs that long, you don’t want to be the only person left in the world that hasn’t seen it if it closes. I knew that eventually we would get around to  seeing it, and when I saw a huge flyer in the Sunday Times for 2 for 1 Tickets during Broadway Week, I had to get tickets!!

The Sunday New York Times is always filled with awesome NYC information on last minute deals and offers, and Time Out New York is a great resource too. I am always scouting great deals, because New York is a city for every man, and something really expensive always comes along with a great offer eventually!

Broadway Week start September 18th and runs until September 30th. The tickets went on sale September 5th, and you could choose from several 2 for 1 tickets to different shows. Even Wicked was available as 2 for 1, which never happens at TKTS because Wicked is constantly sold out! I know Spider Man was one of the few shows that was not available, because it is so new and expensive, but the shows available included Phantom, the Lion King, Jersey Boys, and many more. We immediately knew we wanted to hit up Phantom, and considered getting more tickets, it IS half off after all! In the end, we just didn’t have time for another show, but I will be trying to hit up this deal next year, for sure!

We chose a matinee to make it easier to take my mom in. It is so fun to go into the city with a tourist. The last time I had been in New York had been less than a week before Phantom, and it’s fun to take someone who never goes to the city. It reminds you of how marvelous it all really is!!

For lunch we ate at Juniors on 45th street right off of Times Square. I am sure this place was a huge tourist trap, but they really did have great food and the prices were okay relative to New York. My mom got a giant burger that she said was awesome, and they had hands-down the best onion rings in the world!!!

The show was spectacular, of course. The music to Phantom is so stunning! I love the stage during the gondola ride, it is exquisite. I have so many favorite songs, I don’t think I could pick one. ‘Think Of Me’ is obviously a classic, and ‘All I Ask Of You’ is so romantic. I love them all!!!

Our seats were really awesome, the left side of the theater orchestra. The last time I went to see Phantom the seat was double the price, and I was in the last row of the orchestra. For some shows that doesn’t make a difference, but I think for Phantom, it does. In Phantom of the Opera a lot of aerial stuff happens, and if you are sitting in the orchestra you cannot see any of it because the mezzanine is blocking your view! I missed a lot of the action the last time, so I was so glad to be able to redo that memory.  These seats were much better!!

Another favorite scene of mine is the masquerade! The costumes are so elaborate! I love it!

The show is simply perfect, it doesn’t matter how many times you see it, it is beautiful every time.

After the show we went to have dessert at Sardi’s which was right across the street from the Majestic Theater. Sardi’s is a New York staple, it is where all the celebrities and Broadway actors eat after shows and premieres, it has been there forever and is super famous! On the season two finale of Glee, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele eat at Sardi’s and run into Patti Lupone! At Sardi’s we all had coffee and I had a New York Cheesecake that was to die!! Sardi’s is an absolute must if you haven’t been already!! Expensive, but luxurious!

Phantom is the most beautiful show, I would see it again and again!

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