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Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Los Angeles, Movies, Old Hollywood, Travel, TV Shows | 0 comments

The Millenium Biltmore, Los Angeles’s Finest!

Time and time again I am brought back to the most majestic hotel I have ever stayed in, thanks to television and movies!! The Millennium Biltmore in the business/downtown district in Los Angeles appears constantly in movies, and television, and I am always elated to see it on TV!!

I am a die hard Hollywood fan. I am always up on the celebrity gossip of the day, AND the scandal of old Hollywood stars, too. I have always had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly, and the studio era of movies. It is a glamorous time of scandal and debauchery, excellent! When I went to Los Angeles I was looking for the mecca-experience of Hollywood. I wanted to chase every last one of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, visit Marilyn’s tomb, put my hands in every cement handprint. I was obsessed.

When Ferocio Joey and I went to Los Angeles over 2 years ago, we wanted to do all those things, and also on a budget. We were set to go for a long weekend in July, and scoured Travelocity for the best deals on hotels. I will never know how we came upon such good fortune, but miraculously we found the Millennium Biltmore, and I am forever grateful!

The Millennium Biltmore was built in 1923, and upon it’s opening it was the largest hotel west of Chicago. It was a gigantic luxury hotel for the rich and famous of L.A. It is a slice of old Hollywood history smushed between L.A skyscrapers, and it is beautiful. The entire hotel is overdone decadence, giant crystal chandeliers, ornate iron banisters, and marble floors.

The entire place is glamorous, and almost a little spooky. You almost expect the ghost of Clark Gable or Marlene Dietrich to come floating down the hall in a ball gown. The original Oscar’s was held here, as well as 8 subsequent ceremonies in the 1930s and 40s.

I learned immediately after we booked the trip that the hotel was featured in one of my favorite movies, Cruel Intentions, during the pool scene between Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon. Naturally, I took about a hundred pictures when we got there.

The rooms were small, but definitely old, in a good way! It all seemed so vintage and surreal, it’s like taking part in movie history! Because so many things are filmed there, you might even get a glimpse of a celeb! While we were there they were filming something right outside our window!

Every now and then the Biltmore will pop up in a movie or television show, and I will start screaming at the television about how I was there!!! Most recently I saw it featured as a New York restaurant for Valentine’s Day in a Season 2 episode of Mad Men. The hotel has also been a stage in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills cop, The West Wing, The Italian Job, NipTuck, Ally McBeal, and countless other media.

For any true Hollywood fan, I suggest staying at or even visiting the Biltmore, at least, so you can shout at the TV every time you recognize it, too!

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