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Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Aruba | 0 comments

The Black Pearl and other Water Sports in Aruba

Water sports is  a huge draw in Aruba, because there is not too much sight-seeing to do, and you can occasionally get bored lying on a beach all day drinking, crazy, I know, but true! There are huge beach shacks up and down the shore that host a bevy of activities from Parasailing, tubing, boating, snorkeling, and cruises, and it is all very casual. You just walk up to the shack, give them your money, and you’re on your way!

The last time I went to Aruba, I went parasailing, which is always something I was dying to do. It was beautiful and I really love it, but parasailing is a very low-key expensive sport, so I didn’t go again this time. I like trying new things! The last time I was there I also went on this big ship, The Jolly Roger, to go snorkeling, and we planned on going again because Jim had never been and we both love snorkeling!

The first day I was happy on the beach, but itching to do something adventurous! While my boyfriend slept in his beach chair I crept over to the nearest beach shack, owned by an ex pat from Hong Kong named Frank, and arranged a tubing trip! We kept seeing this giant tube blown up like a couch shooting across the water, and I wanted to ride that one!! Although I specified the ”couch tube’ several times, they gave me a different one. Oh well!

The tube ride was crazy! They go so fast and I definitely almost fell off twice! When you get on they tell you ‘thumbs up’ is fast, ‘thumbs down’ is slow, etc, but there was no way in HELL I was letting go of that handle! Not to mention the only guy to give these signals is the one driving, and he is too busy steering the boat! It was really fun, but definitely for serious adventure-seekers only! The faint of heart don’t belong on these tubes!

We were planning on setting up our Pirate Snorkel excursion, when we made friends with a couple on their honeymoon in the palapa in front of us. They had gone on a snorkel AND sunset cruise (most excursions don’t offer them together) called The Black Pearl, and they loved it! We decided to check it out, and it was FABULOUS!

The Black Pearl is a snorkel and sunset cruise that sets sail once a day. You need reservations ahead of time, because it gets booked up very quickly! While the Jolly Roger is like a giant party ship, the Black Pearl is a much more relaxing, romantic time. The Jolly Roger crams almost 60 people onto their boat, and while it was fun, it is madness from the beginning. The Black Pearl hosts only about 20 people, and by the end, the only two workers on the ship, Joann and Albert, will have memorized your names and where you’re from. This cruise is extremely fun, relaxing, and personal!

The ship has giant cozy cushioned seats that all line the boat, so it is extremely comfortable. All of your snorkel gear is included in your trip, and they also have an open bar, and serve really good food! Joann and Albert are so friendly, and walk around making conversation while you are sailing! The snorkeling was a lot of fun, and they make it extra personal by feeding the fish, helping you find different fish (we chased a sea turtle-SO cool!!!), and they even brought a giant starfish on board for us to look at! (No starfish were harmed during this excursion).

How cool it is? It’s GIGANTIC!

After you go snorkeling, which is an AWESOME time, Joann serves everyone cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese, and watermelon! Everyone was mingling, it was so relaxed, and so much fun!

After snorkeling, you sail back to the pier during the sunset, you the photo ops are amazing!

If you ever go to Aruba, definitely check out the Black Pearl, snorkeling and sunset cruising in Aruba are absolute musts, and this is the place to do it!! Book your next trip on the Black Pearl at..!

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