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Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Books and Movies, Celebrities, Fashion Icons, Kardashians, Keeping Up With the Kardashians | 0 comments

Kardashian Konfidential


While the whole world is finally getting kind of sick of the Kardashians…I have just discovered them! I must shamefully admit, I am getting a little obsessed, too! I totally understand people who have been there and done that, over it, but I would like to call myself a late Kardashian Bloomer. I always try to resist getting on most bandwagons for as long as possible, and I only just watched my first episode of the Kardashians a few short months ago! I recently picked up a copy of Kardashian Konfidential along with a bunch of other style books I will be reviewing, and I really enjoyed it!!

The book is obviously only for those who find the Kardashians remotely interesting, obviously, because it is all about them! The book is a good way to get acquainted with them, as it is a mixture of style tips/life tips/and their life story. I really expected it to be much more about style and organizing your closet than anything, and I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t. The recent article in Marie Claire that detailed the sisters’ closets was much more informative and interesting to me!

I love coffee table books that have giant pictures and lots of scraps of random information, but I did wish that the book was more telling. I mean their dad got OJ off for christ sake! Give me the DEETS! I also desired more of their favorite looks, runway looks they have had, etc. But it was fine, fun to read none the less. The biography section is interesting, and there are tons of old embarrassing fun pictures.

Of course Kardashian Konfidential focuses the most on Kim, as she is the most popular sister, but I love Khloe the most personally, and I wish she talked more about herself and her wedding. I actually like Kim the least. She is too sensitive, and a little vapid. I get why the have to put all the pictures of Kim in there though. It was really fun to see pictures of a young Kris Jenner though!!

If you’re interested in the Kardashians, but not over the moon about them, I suggest getting this book on Amazon used like I did! It came in practically mint condition, and I didn’t have to pay almost $30.00 for a book of information I mostly knew! Over all, a fun book for style inspiration though!

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