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Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Blake Lively, Celebrities, Designers, Fashion Icons, Inspiration, Karl Lagerfeld | 0 comments

Inspirations: Blake Lively


Blake Lively has become the darling of fashion, and I completely understand why. I am obsessed with her, her style, her love affair with Karl Lagerfeld, and her spread in a Glamour a few months back. I cannot get enough of this girl!!!

Blake Lively is the quintessential American girl. She is tall, thin, but almost sort of athletic, and had long blonde hair with big blue eyes. She is not over the top drop dead gorgeous, feature-wise, but she is very pretty, and I just cannot get enough of her style!!!

She has been featured in Vogue several times, has already become a Chanel representative, and a muse for both Lagerfeld and Loubitan. The fact that she doesn’t have a stylist and shows up to awards shows perfectly manicured and on trend is pretty amazing, frankly.

Her most recent photoshoot with Glamour magazine had me absolutely drooling. I am extremely inspired by the 1960s and 70s, and I just about died when I saw the first of several bouffants.

This is pretttyyyy much what I would look like everyday if I could.

She is absolutely to die!!!! obeseesssseddddd.

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