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Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Designers, Fashion Friday, Inspiration | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Tom Ford

Tom Ford is the darling of the fashion industry, and with good reason. Everything Tom Ford touches turns to gold. Everything! Everything he does is executed with a divine brilliance that radiates luxurious beauty. I was recently struck by his latest ad in the September issue of Vogue, and had to profess my love to him in a blog post!

In 1994 Ford hit the scene as the creative director at Gucci, and sales went up 90% over the next two years. Ford made Gucci hip again, and it has been gaining more and more ground ever since.

Through his connections at Gucci, he also became head creative director at YSL after they were acquired by Gucci. Remember this famous outfit? Tom Ford for YSL! Very chic for it’s time!

Ford remained creative director taking these companies to new heights until 2004, when he left and began his own brand, Tom Ford.

He is constantly pushing the envelope, and like it or not, people are always talking about everything he does.


Ford’s most Spring 2011 collection is absolutely stunning, drama and intensity to the nth degree, and I love it.

Did I mention this past year when he made his ‘comeback’ debut after a brief hiatus, he threw an extremely exclusive private party, and actually debuted his collection there, unbeknownst to the invitees, and he didn’t use models….he just invited all of his celebrity BFFS including Beyonce, Jane Fonda, Naomi Campbell, Amber Valletta, and Julianne Moore? Did I mention everything he does is perfect?

He has been featured in Vogue about a million times, and if anyone can recall a particular scene from The Devil Wears Prada, charting Miranda Priestley (a wicked depiction of Anna Wintour)’s reaction to designer’s private collections, the only smile on record “was Tom Ford in 2001.” Based on how many times he has been in Vogue, you tell me if that was a coincidence or not!

Tom Ford  has been cultivating gorgeous fashion and beauty since then, and in 2009 made his directorial debut with his beautiful movie A Single Man. A Single Man is a stunning film and hauntingly beautiful starring Colin Firth, and it is absolutely perfect. If you haven’t seen it, you should!!!

Not to mention, can we discuss, that he is also a GORGEOUS man himself?? I die.

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