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Posted by on Sep 16, 2011 in Designers, Fashion Friday, Inspiration, Missoni | 2 comments

Fashion Friday: Holy Missoni at Target!

Okay, so I, like everyone, knew that Missoni was coming to Target. It was widely publicized. What I cannot figure out, is why people were going particularly BONKERS during this release. The Target website actually CRASHED due to traffic, and practically everything in the collection is already out of stock in most places. CRAZYNESS!

Here is the thing that confuses me, Karl Lagerfeld currently has a collection at Macys, that is BEAUTIFUL, I might add, and ain’t nobody is storming the bastille over there! Lanvin has done a collection for H&M, Vera Wang for Kohls, the Kardashians are at Sears, other designers have designed for Target too. I agree, it’s great, it’s awesome, I am absolutely for affordable fashion, and Anna Wintour’s crusade to bring fashion to the masses is absolutely a commendable move. BUT WHY, my fashion darlings, all the SPECIFIC fuss over Missoni? That is what I am trying to understand. I really don’t suppose that people are more aware of Missoni than Karl Lagerfeld, in fact, I would argue that the opposite is true. Surely, Lagerfeld has worked his way further into the pop culture lexicon than Margherita Missoni? No? I am left puzzled.

Missoni is cute, but I don’t see what all the fuss is over. I don’t ever remember drooling over Missoni, ever, in fact. The pattern is….nice…I understand that they are the only company that has made their way with a very specific pattern and made it ‘timeless’….but oh my god try something new for a change! It is the one thing Rachel Zoe and I don’t have in common, I am sad to say.

I liked some of the items from the Target Missoni collection, specifically the housewares, and a few accessories. The bedding was SPECTACULAR! A nice printed scarf or MAYBE a sweater dress in a print, I can handle. That crazy zigzag on every article of clothing, however? Um. No.

Lagerfeld for Macy’s….here I come…


  1. Target really dropped the ball here. This was s-o-o-o-o unorganized and customer UNFRIENDLY!!!! I may NEVAH buy anything from them again!

    And now the stuff is being hawked on ebay! PLEASE! What a cheap trick!!!!

    • It really was terribly unorganized, whoever was in charge must have been in a lot of trouble….!

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