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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Bravo, Celebrities, Fashion Friday, The Rachel Zoe Project | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: BaNaNaS for Rachel Zoe


I am bananas obsessed with Rachel Zoe. She is my favorite stick figure stylist of all time. She has the best one-liners, the best personality, she styles the best celebrities, I LOVE HER. I want to be her best friend, I want to be her. She is everything, I DIE. I could go on about how much I love her, and I am ECSTATIC to say that the Rachel Zoe Project’s new season started on Tuesday, I just can’t get enough!!! I decided to dedicate this Fashion Friday to RZoe, my favey fave stylist!!

Rachel Zoe poses effortlessly cool chic style. If I was a size negative zero, I would wear exactly what she wears. She walks the perfect line between New York chic and California Boho. I love her style!!!

Rachel Zoe has also routinely dressed some of the most fabulous actresses of our time!! Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, and Eva Menedes are all regular clients of RZoe, not to mention Kate Hudson, Debra Messing, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner, and Liv Tyler, to name a few others.

Zoe absolutely lives and dies for fashion. She takes her job very seriously and is completely self made, not to mention, she’s a Jersey girl!! You can tell that she absolutely needs fashion in her life, and you cannot help but love a person with that kind of passion for anything in life, really. Her show proves to be vastly entertaining, chronicling her extreme perfectionism with bold fashion moves, like one particular episode when she personally calls Karl Lagerfeld to chop off a sleeve of a Chanel haute couture gown, AND as proof of her prowess in the world of fashion- HE DOES IT!

She is also responsible for styling one very famous Harper’s Bazaar shoot featuring her bestie, Demi Moore.

Rachel Zoe is also best friends with Marc Jacobs and Brian Atwood. Are you DYING yet??

Every red carpet look that you have gone gaga over has probably been done by Zoe’s hands. She has impeccable taste, and this season of The Rachel Zoe Project is going to be amazingly entertaining, I am sure! It is also fun to see the stories behind your favorite red carpet looks!


“My number one mantra with any body type; be it full figure, petite or somewhere in between; is to find confidence and comfort in your best assets…Fashion does not discriminate—no matter what your size, all women (and men) should look beautiful and embrace what they love most.” -Rachel Zoe

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