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Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Falling Into A New Routine

Welcome to Fall everyone!!! I hope everyone had a spectacular summer!! It always seems to go by so much faster than any other season! I had the most wonderful, relaxing, perfect time in Aruba, and now it is time to hit the books! This fall has brought about so many new changes for me, I had a change of jobs, and am now proud to be a full-time student.

Switching jobs was a huge move for me, and in the end, I am glad I did it, come what may. Whenever I get a very strong gut feeling, I absolutely have to follow it, and that is the feeling I had about a sudden change in jobs. Ideas occur to me fast and dramatically, and all of a sudden I was overcome by the idea that I was no longer being fulfilled at my job. Now, do not take me the wrong way, I absolutely ADORE the people that I had worked with. ADORE. As it is, I miss them tremendously. However, you can’t stay somewhere for the people, because once all of the people move on, you end up being the only person left behind, and everyone you once stayed behind for are gone, it is a recipe for disaster. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, I wasn’t learning anything new, and wasn’t growing in my position, so it was time to jump! I found a much more flexible job, that has slightly less security, but so far, it has been a huge help to have such a flexible position while going to school, and I am more than happy to have made the leap!

Also new is my current role as a full time university student, and I can’t express how much I am enjoying this time! My stint at community college lasted three years, and in my final semester I worked FULL time, went to school FULL time, and did a play at school, along with trying to have a social life. At the end of May I was completely burnt out, and no longer working to my full potential. I was just doing what I had to to get by. After a year of traveling and being a social butterfly, I finally feel ready to buckle down and keep pursuing education. This time around, I want school to be my primary focus, rather than work. I am here to get great grades, and kick ass! I am pretty sure after this I want to pursue my Master’s Degree, and sometime romanticize the idea of a Ph.D, however I am definitely not taking into account the commitment necessary for that. If anyone has any advice or thoughts on continuing education, I would love to hear it!

Travel needs to take a back seat in my life right now, as much as it makes me cringe to say that. Nothing will ever be a good enough excuse not to travel, but right now I must prioritize being in class over being on vacation. Of course, I will still be traveling while the opportunity arises, and I plan to make full use of my winter and spring breaks, hopefully to travel. We shall see!!

How was your summer? What kind of new changes are you experiencing this fall?


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