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Posted by on Sep 18, 2011 in Celebrities, Fashion Friday, TV Shows | 0 comments

2011 Emmy Red Carpet: Ravishing in Reds!

Hello all! I am coming to you for Emmy Fashion, because I LOVE IT! Red carpet season is the best, and is fashion at it’s best! I won’t be reporting on any winners or who was nominated or any of that, because I don’t know about you, but who cares? I don’t watch Modern Family or any other silly sitcom on ABC, so I don’t know 90% of the shows nominated. But I DO care what they are wearing!! So let’s dive right in…..

First of all let me say, that the Emmys are one of the least-cared about red carpet awards shows, and that is why it kicks off the season. The Oscar’s are where it’s time to really glam it up, so for the Emmys, I think people should obviously dress up, but not take it too far. Lea Michele, in my opinion, dressed perfectly to the nines! She looks absolutely stunning, and it wasn’t over done. She looked like such a vamp, without being overtly sexy, and I think she really pulled it off and looked beautifuL!!! Lea nailed it.


Kate Winslet is a woman of the utmost beauty and elegance who also gets it right. Every. Single. Time. LOVE HER!

Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however, is my favorite example of taking it too far. To be fair, this will probably be Kyle’s first and last awards show (why was she even there…is reality a category now…?), but I still think she looks like she got lost on the way to the 80s prom.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress would have been beautiful, had someone not cut it in half. And now instead of being pretty, it just confuses me. Bleh. Great color, great look, should have been ONE dress. Weird. Congratulations to Pucci for making one of the world’s most beautiful thin muses look a little chunky around the middle…

Quinn Fabray, aka, Dianna Agron looked like her dress swallowed her whole. Not a fan!

Christina Hendricks is undeniably a vamp, but I really can’t decide on this dress. I am not sure why she always has to have the girls out, and why she often picks colors that wash her out….very unusual. I don’t hate it, but I don’t die for it.

Jayma Mays dress was cute! It wasn’t too over the top, and I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in it, but it was still cute!

Here is what I think is the perfect example of two beautiful dresses, but knowing when to wear what. Kelly Osbourne looked ABSOLUTELY stunning in J.Mendel. She is becoming such the fashionista, and I love it. Love love love it. However, I think it was a bit much for the Emmys, it was a little more Golden Globes for me. I don’t like dresses too full, I know it’s probably just me, but I am weird like that. Gorgeous, but I don’t think it was the right event.

Another Fashion Police host, however, Giulianna Rancic knocked it out of the park in this red dress! I love understated elegance!

Red seemed to be a popular color tonight! I would have liked to see some greens, oranges, more purple, I mean it’s fall people! Even some deep cerulean blue, or white. I feel like gold is an especially underrated color. Oh well.



So who the heck DID I like??? WELL…….I don’t know who Jennifer Carpenter is, or what she is famous for, but I am LOVING this dress! THIS IS AN EMMY DRESS! Flashy and classy. That is what I am talking about!

Although I am not the biggest Evan Rachel Wood fan, I did really love her dress too! There wasn’t a lot of black on the red carpet, and I thought she really stood out. Her Elie Saab dress managed to be elegant and fun at the same time!!!


My absolute best dressed still goes to Lea Michele, absolutely stunning! You can never go wrong with Marchesa!!

And then of course, how can we end without mentioning the lovely Jane Lynch? Hilarious! My favorite look of the night was definitely Lea Michele, and I have to say the worst was Dianna Agron. That dress was nothing but a wrinkled nightmare of too much fabric. Poor girl. You’re young, put on some short sassy Marchesa number and have a good time! Maybe next year!

Who were your faves?!



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