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Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Award Shows, Celebrities, MTV Video Music Awards, TV Shows | 0 comments

Video Music Awards 2011….what a crazy hot amazing mess!!!

I LOVE award shows! I really enjoyed voicing my comments on the Oscar’s this past season, and I am just as excited to bring you my commentary on this year’s VMAs! I was watching live and it was CRAZY!!! I don’t even want to talk about who won what, let’s just talk about all the cray cray that went down!

This year’s VMAs were not suppose to have a host, but basically it was hosted by Lady Gaga in a drag alter ego she refers to as ‘Jo Calderone.’ ….I really have to search my feelings on Jo Calderone. Definitely, no matter how you cut it, this b**** is crazy!! Lady Gaga opened the show in drag, and did this REALLY weird monologue, then sang her new hit, ‘You and I, which I have always loved. The music was fantastic, I must say, even though she totally fell off her piano and busted her ass, but what is with this weirdo drag character? Like Gaga, we get it, you live and breathe and die by your music, and this is all just theater to you. WE GET IT! We knew it as soon as you hung yourself from the stage covered in blood, and we knew it when you wore the meat dress. WE KNOW IT! I don’t think it’s hitting people on any other level, to tell you the truth. It’s mildly entertaining to watch, but it’s not like I see her and say “wow, that’s really profound, what a strong message.” I say “WOW THAT BITCH IS CRAZY!” I don’t know…It was weird. The performance was killer, but she stayed in her ‘Jo Calderone’ alter ego for the remainder of the show and the press junket afterwards AND she totally upstaged Britters during her “tribute”, which brings me to my next point….

POOR Britney. Girlfriend has really done a lot in music, and has had it tough at times. I wouldn’t say she should get a lifetime achievement at the Grammys anytime soon, but Mtv is the perfect venue to really appreciate her talents. I was psyched she was getting a lifetime achievement awards, and I heard there were going to be tons of celebrities in on it and Madonna was going to be giving her the award, I really thought it was going to be a big deal. I feel like if they feature something like that in the commercials, you expect it to be a big affair. Boy were we all wrong!!

First of all, I thought maybe they would play an amalgamation of her videos, maybe have some celebrities comment on her talent, like a nice tribute video as they are presenting the award to her….that did not happen. Second, they had Lady Gaga in drag present her award, and I really thought Lady Gaga didn’t take it seriously. She was so wrapped up in herself and her character, she totally upstaged poor Brit Brit. As Britney was accepting her sad little award she had to share the microphone space with Gaga, who did not move back as she should have, and Gaga kept doing all her weird character mannerism, you kept looking at her instead of Britters. Mtv did a little tribute number which was her most famous choreography, but I kept expecting these celebrities to be in on it, and it ended up being some no name dancers and children…which was kind of weird. I thought it was a really sad affair and I felt very bad for Britney, it was not the tribute she deserved.

Beyonce, however, was AMAZING!! As soon as she came out and started to sing ‘Love On Top’, I was feelin it! Her album ’4′ is awesome, and as soon as I heard ‘Love On Top’, I knew it was going to be an awesome song to hear live. I was LOVING every second of it, and then she RIPS off her amazing pink sequin Dolce and Gabanna jacket to reveal a HUGE baby bump! That child is going to be SO privileged. I LOVE Beyonce, I LOVED her performance, and I already love her unborn baby. I die.

Chris Brown was terrible. I’m sorry I really don’t think it’s that hard to have cables lift you in the air, and oh right you are a lady beater. Get out of here, Chris Brown.

Lil Wayne was TERRIBLE! Who needs auto tune live???? People who can’t sing! Not to mention that he cursed so much that his lyrics in the second half of his performance were completely indistinguishable.

In contrast, Adele, sweet, amazing, crooning Adele, stood in a black dress in front of her piano and sang without any pomp or circumstance, and it was perfect. She was the truest talent and star that night! Everyone adores her!!

Did anyone else think that the Amy Winehouse tribute was a little awkward? I love Russell Brand, but it seemed like he was rushing. Bruno Mars did a good job covering ‘Valerie’, but he is a junkie too, that really ruined the whole thing for me, I mean he just got busted for coke in the last year. I thought Tony Bennett’s video was very sweet though.

The fashion at the VMAs were a complete disaster, the worst among them was Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj could be SO great if she just relied on her rapping, but for some reason she is on the trying-too-hard train with Lady G and Katy Perry. At least Lady Gaga is brinking on theater, and Katy Perry most of the time is in some sort of cheeky-sensical outfit, Nicki made a complete mockery of the VMAs. She wore a dress that looked like a Lady Gaga knock off, but she covered it in stuffed animals, it was ridiculous. She didn’t look pretty, funny, cheeky, or smart. RIDICULOUS! What a shame no one relies on talent anymore!

Basically the entire show was a hot mess, but SO fun to watch!! What did you think??

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