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Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Traveling In Style!

Lately I have been finding some dream luxury travel items that I wanted to share for every girlie girl that reads this blog and wants to travel!


Passport holders are the cutest, and it makes me feel secure that I won’t lose or damage my passport, the secret key to everything! Juicy Couture makes the CUTEST passport holders!! They are SO pink and fun! While I think that Juicy Couture bags are overpriced for what they are, their accessories are too CUTE! I currently use a pink kitty passport holder that I got from Borders for the bargain price of $3.00! However, I think I will eventually need a new one soon!

Juicy Couture also makes the cutest Travel Wallets! I hadn’t heard of a travel wallet until I received some free swag from Marc Jacobs, so in case you also don’t know, it’s a giant wallet that can fit your plane ticket/ID/passport. It is one secure place you can carry everything! Going through airport security can be such a hassle when you have a carry on and a purse, you’re trying to take off your jacket, rifle through your bag for your ticket, it easily becomes a mess! Having a travel wallet makes it easy to grab one thing that carries everything important! If you lose everything but this, at least you can get on da plane!

Anyway! Mine is Marc Jacobs, but Juicy Couture has some very cute girlie ones, and you don’t see travel wallets nearly as often as you see Passport Holders. Juicy makes really cute ones that I have spotted in many a TJ Maxx that are hot pink or gold and they say fun things like “Jet Set Diva” and “Upgrade Me”. SO CUTE!

For anyone watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey lately, you saw Melissa Gorga open a Louis Vuitton rolling luggage bag for Christmas! The price of this prize luxury luggage? Any Guess? Oh just a measly $2,500.00! You could actually get 4 Louis Vuitton top handle purses for that price of that luggage! Cray Cray!

While I am on the topic of luggage, I shop at TJ Max and Marshall’s very frequently, and they have an awesome luggage section! You can occasionally spot a Tumi, which is always top-notch luggage, but also I have been falling madly in love with Diane Von Furstenberg’s luggage collection! Her luggage is huge, with fun girlie colors and prints. I do get a little nervous checking fancy bags, I kind of like that my luggage is black and unassuming, that way it has a very low chance of getting stolen…but it still doesn’t stop me from drooling over DVF bags! The DVF luggage in TJ Max ranges from $60.00-$120.00 depending on size, which is comparable to most luggage!

The final thing I have been looking for to complete my travel accessories list is a big water proof tote bag like those of Betsy Johnson or Le Sportsac. Whenever I travel I don’t wear my usual Michael Kors purses or nice bags, I bring a small unassuming compact bag, and then I bring a bigger bag for the plane. For the plane I need a larger bag to carry my books/kindle, snacks, magazines, and some extra clothes in the event my luggage was lost. That means I need a pretty big tote! However, with these Betsey Johnson bags, ANOTHER TJ Max score, I can put it all in there along with my purse!

Travel in style lovelies!

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