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Posted by on Aug 28, 2011 in Books and Movies | 0 comments

The Paris Wife

I had seen the Paris Wife in the book stores and even though it was a novel, I got in on my kindle because I thought I might enjoy it. I really enjoyed The Help and Water For Elephants even though I mostly read non-fiction, so I thought that The Paris Wife would be a good idea. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is fiction based on the first marriage of Ernest Hemingway to Hadley Richardson, and it has been on the best-sellers list for a while now. I have to ask, what the hell is all the fuss about???

I thought it was a FREAKING SNOOZE FEST! Ernest and Hadley meet in the first few chapters, then they get married and you can go back to sleep until the last 50 pages where things go awry. I am always intrigued by books about marriage, I think it is one of the most complicated facets of society. I LOVE a good period piece about a dying marriage, I LOVE IT! Revolutionary Road is an amazing story of a quiet storm! The book is a silent and slow death, I lavish every second of tragedy, but The Paris Wife falls terribly short of this. Literally, NOTHING happens! It is obvious from the second they move to Paris that their marriage is troubled, but Hadley tries to be such a great wife that she doesn’t resist him or fight with him, annnnd I’m asleep.

When a woman comes along to steel Ernest away from Hadley, I have to say you almost hope that it will happen just to give the book some gravitas. What makes it all the more boring is my problem with fiction, it’s not even interesting because it happened! If it was fake, why not make it more interesting, then??There is no sense in making something so boring on purpose. Oh Paris Wife, you let me down.

Basically what I have learned from this book is: If I love Ernest Hemingway, and I love Paris, will I love this book? The answer is: no.

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