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Posted by on Aug 25, 2011 in Aruba, Islands, Travel | 0 comments

Sensational Aruba Marriott Stellaris Resort and Casino

Greetings Friends! I have to admit I completely unplugged while on vacation in Aruba! I am not a girl who needs to be connected to the internet 24/7, I quite like being unreachable for a week! However, NOW I am back and prepared to give you the inside dish on one fabulous resort, the Marriott Stellaris, a resort and casino!

We arrived in Aruba, after what I have to say felt like the longest flight because I was so amped to get there!!! I swear I would prefer a 14 hour flight to a 4 hour flight to Aruba! When I have a long flight, I settle in, sleep on and off, and just accept that I will be on a plane for eternity, and it makes it fly by! In contrast, when I am on a plane for what I know is a short flight, I feel like it should be going by so quick, I can’t sleep because I get too excited, and it seems to drag on forever! Oh the wonders of time! Back to my point, while the flight was on time, it seemed to drag on, and as an avid Continental customer, I can’t help but be disappointed by their new business developments while merging with United. We were on that plane for four hours and you had to pay for any and all snacks, and for tv! There are no more free pretzels or movies for flights four hours! LAME! We will see how drastic these changes are when Continental is officially merged with United…regardless, despite being starving, it was a good flight!

Aruba had the most perfect weather when we touched down, and it continued for the duration of our stay! When we arrived at the Stellaris we were famished and excited, I couldn’t wait to check everything out all over again! The lobby of the resort is gigantic and gorgeous. Everything is very chic and modern, the lobby is decked out with sleek dark wood furniture and plenty of artistic touches. Our room was on the ground floor, and while that is not my favorite place to be, it was actually kind of nice to be able to run to the room real quick while we are on the beach. Our room was beautiful, absolutely stunning, not to mention they made fun towel animals like we were on a cruise! The housekeepers made us these beautiful towel swans, put these cute lights above our bed shaped like a heart, and wrote out an adorable note. The room was stunning, the bathroom was my perfect dream modern bathroom, and everything was just beautiful! I love everything about the style of this hotel, it is definitely the most modern on the strip!

The amenities of the hotel include restaurants, a small casino (which is still the biggest on the island), pools, of course beach front property, and a couple of shops. The restaurants are VERY expensive, as in, very unreasonably expensive. I spend A LOT of time drinking cocktails at New York prices, and even I was choking at the sight of my bar bill. That is one feature to beware of at the Stellaris, it can get pricey if you do not opt for the all-inclusive package. The all-inclusive was definitely intriguing, and we seriously considered it. However, we really enjoyed going off the island for a few dinners, and that would have been money wasted if we had gotten the all-inclusive package at the Stellaris. I think we made the right choice by not buying that particular package, but at some point it might be the right choice for us in future visits!

The beach at the Stellaris, however, is the number one reason why you should choose this resort! After taking a walk all the way down the beach and seeing some of the other high rise hotels, ours was by FAR the best! Every morning the beach at the Stellaris is combed so that by the time you arrive the sand is perfect, not rocky and it is without garbage, unlike further down the beach. The Stellaris Beach is perfectly maintained! Every morning you have to go to the towel hut and reserve a palapa, and by every morning I mean about 6:30 AM! For people who burn easily, a palapa is an absolute must, I cannot imagine not having shade at this beach everyday. Most days we got 212, a palapa in the second row, but some days we ended up in the third row, which was also totally fine!

The Stellaris Casino and Resort was awesome! Every single worker, except, shockingly, the concierge desk, was so nice and ready to help, not to mention the entire resort was just stunning! I personally don’t think it is worth it to stay at any other resort, except perhaps the Ritz-Carlton or possibly the Hyatt Regency, both of which I would like to try someday. My only precaution with staying at this resort is the price of food and drink, get ready to spend spend spend! In the end, I really thought the Stellaris was the best of the best, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to stay there!

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