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Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Celebrities, Movies | 0 comments

In Crazy, Stupid, Love…with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Crazy, Stupid, Love looked like a fun movie, and Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off in the trailer and has abs that are as solid as a rock wall, so naturally, I wanted to see this movie. A few other reasons include the ever hilarious Steve Carrell, beautiful Julianne Moore (which was enough to get my boyfriend there), and Emma Stone, who is cute and becoming a real good actress. I sort of thought that Steve and Julianne would provide most of the entertainment, and Emma and Ryan would be cute to look at. DEAD WRONG!

There are a million montages in this movie, starting the film with a fun makeover montage. The premise is that Steve Carrell’s character Cal gets asked for a divorce from his wife, Emily, played by Julianne Moore in the first scene. The divorce talk is more somber than expected, not nearly as funny as the commercials lead you to believe. From there Cal gives up on her, himself, and life, and sits pathetically at a bar telling everyone what happened. When the womanizing, sexy, bar fly Ryan Gosling sees Cal, he takes pity, and tries to make a man out of him.

The makeover montage is really fun, as are all of the scenes that Ryan Gosling is in. The whole bar scene is really fun to watch. However, once Cal gets his makeover and learns how to get the ladies, the middle kind of drags. The entire movie is 2 hours, and I would say that at least a half and hour of just Julianne Moore and Steve Carrell could be cut out. They do not have as much on screen chemistry as you would imagine, and the whole somber topic with little jokes here and there are not enough to give the movie steam.

Emma Stone to the rescue! As soon as this girl, Hannah, decides she does want to take Ryan Gosling up on his offer to go home with him, she resuscitates the movie and breathes new life to the film in seconds. Emma Stone is fresh, fun, beautiful, and she steals the show. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have the most insane chemistry, there are sparks flying right off the screen between them. Gosling and Stone’s scenes together sparkle, and you know right off the bat that girl is going to be so famous! She doesn’t rely on effortless beauty, she just really is a great actress. I can’t wait to watch her career unfold.

After Stone and Gosling steal the show right out from under Carrell and Moore, the movie picks up some speed and starts back up again. The second half of the movie is exceptionally entertaining, with absurd twists and tangles that you never see coming, and the movies over-arching theme of fighting for love is really touching. Overall, I would say you should see this movie, but you can probably wait to rent it, and that ILOVERYANANDEMMA.

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