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Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Aruba Sunshine

My stay in Aruba was perfect, every single day was the most perfect day, sunny and stunning! My favorite parts about Aruba is the water and the sunshine!

The water in Aruba is almost completely still, and is extremely warm. The water is so clear, you could go in waist-deep and still see your toe nails, AMAZING! I loveloveloveit! The aquamarine is perfection. On our first day that we were in the water, we were only knee deep when a sting ray swam up to our feet! Occasionally you find fish in the area on the resort that you swim in, but not many. My boyfriend brought goggles and even saw a starfish! While we couldn’t find him again, we eventually got to interact with a starfish later on in the trip, more on that later!

We were out at our palapa everyday by about 8 o’clock, and although it is early, the beach is sparse around that time, it’s nice to be able to get pictures of the water without tons of people everywhere. I would highly reccomend getting up early at least once or twice to enjoy the deserted beach and stillness of it all! Breath taking!

My other favorite part about Aruba is the sunsets. The sunsets are spectacular! You can get tons and tons of beautiful, stunning, perfect pictures of the sunsets without even trying. These picturesque panoramas make everyone feel like an expert photographer, I couldn’t stop snapping shots!

A secret I learned to getting the best sunset pictures is to take pictures RIGHT after the sunsets. While the sun is setting it’s pretty, but it’s just a big ball of light that it still keeping the sky bright yellow. However, right after the sun has gone down, even if the sky doesn’t look very pink or orange, I found that my pictures came out BRIGHT, hot colors. The sky seems to change even more once dusk hits and the sun has dipped below the ocean, you can get a really insane range of colors in your photos!

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