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Posted by on Jul 9, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Frying Pan at Chelsea Piers

Ferocio and I have literally tried to go to the Frying Pan three times. The first time, we couldn’t find it, and we wandered aimlessly up and down Chelsea Piers. The second time, we were too hungry to wait in the 4o minute line, but the third time, my friends, was a charm!

The Frying Pan is a hot spot in New York right now. The line to get in can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour, and when I recently went to a party hosted on this amazing boat, it was about a half hour! I was lucky enough to be there on a Saturday night, and it was packed! The Frying Pan is literally a boat, docked at the Pier, and turned into a bar. The story of the Frying Pan is actually quite remarkable, as it is one of only 13 remaining lightships out of 100. The boat was built in 1929, and has since provided light for New York ships, traveled, sunk, and been born again into a hot new bar!

We walked onto The Frying Pan, which is also attached to another adorable little ship, and made our way through the insane crowd. It was SO CROWDED, but AWESOME! There was wall to wall people, and absolutely no chairs! Not only are there tables inside, there are tables located on the perimeter of the boat, so you can get a beautiful view of the Hudson, or you can climb the stairs to the stunning seating area on top of the boat. The Frying Pan as a whole has tons of different points of entry and pathways, it’s not entirely open, but that definitely gives it an even more cozy vibe! This is definitely a place to meet new people, because chances are you are pressed up against tons of them anyway!

There are a few different bars on the boat to buy drinks from, and for $35 you can buy a bucket of coronas! They do serve a limited selection of food, that I must admit was very good. The fries are strongly seasoned and to die for, and the drinks are strong!

Eventually my group secured a table, and as people in surrounding areas left, we usurped their tables like one big amoeba! For entertainment there is stage located at the rear of the boat in the more common area, and that night they put on a beautiful show of hula dancers. I know I keep bringing up what a hot spot this place is, but I would like to mention it one more time as I point out my celebrity sighting of the night, Nigel Barker! While Ferocia wasn’t in the mood to harass any famous America’s Next Top Model Photographer judges on their night out, I did snap a covert picture of him over someone’s shoulder! Clearly if there is a celebrity sighting, you know you are in the right place at the right time! Ladies and gentlemen, he is just as tall, dark, and handsome as he looks on television, and very swoon-worthy.

After spending a few hours in the bottom half of the boat, we cleared a space for ourselves upstairs to take in the amazing view of the sunset. Someone once told me that the New York City skyline always looks different with the way the sun hits the buildings, and I have never forgotten to take in that beautiful, ever-changing view. While the orange and pink sky over the Hudson was breath-taking, the view on other side of the bright gold glow of the sun hitting the buildings was just as stunning. It was basically a 360 degree panorama of perfection!

The Frying Pan was worth each and every time we tried to find it, and every single second spent waiting in line! I hope everyone gets a chance to check out this bar that could really only be found in New York, because everyone deserves 360 degrees of perfection once in a while!

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