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Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 in Books and Movies | 0 comments

Something Borrowed

I have to admit, Something Borrowed was my delicious trashy girlie beach read, and I loved it. I had heard of Emily Griffin’s series before, but had not picked up Something Borrowed until I had heard of the movie, which, truth be told, I have yet to see. While Something Borrowed had gotten horrendous scores at the box office, the book version had been a sensation among young 20-something women, so I picked it up and had a delightful time reading it!

The story of Something Borrowed is not your typical root for the underdog scenario. While the main character, Rachel, is certainly the underdog, she spends most of the book reminding you of that fact to defend the crime she committed against her alleged best friend. Rachel and Darcy were friends since grade school, and when Darcy gets engaged to the man of Rachel’s dreams, Dex, all bets are off. When Rachel finds herself sharing a cab and a kiss with Dex on the eve of her birthday, to say things go awry is an understatement. Did I mention this was a total trashy beach read that I felt 100% guilty for loving?


The second Dex and Rachel hit the sheets for the first time I was turning the pages as fast as I could. It is drama in the worst sense, but so easy to fall for, you literally will not be able to put the book down because you will be so eager to find out if Darcy catches them! While the story is unusual, it is basically Rachel making a case for herself as to why she isn’t a bad friend and Darcy had it coming, you still want Rachel and Dex to end up together. Griffin knows how to get her reader’s hearts thumping. Rachel is an incredibly human character, flaws and all, and I think we have all had a friend who seems perfect and  catches all the breaks in life. Everyone can relate to being envious of Darcy and still loving her, their complicated friendship is certainly one that every woman has had in her life at one time or another.

In short, this book was 100%  pleasure, and I love using the term ‘beach-read’ to make myself feel less guilty about it!

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