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Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 in Bermuda, Travel | 0 comments

Last Minute Deals!

Happy Summer everyone! I hope there are a lot of beach adventures and vacations coming to you this summer! I, myself, have been dealing with many a personal issue and have not gotten a chance to hit the sand very frequently, but I have definitely been hitting up Travelocity and looking at last minute getaways! Here is what I have found….

There are some SICK deals on Caribbean getaways! I might be taking advantage of one soon, but let me tell you, these deals are insane! Many factors contribute to lower prices, and you bet that I did my research before reporting these findings to you! If you think about it, most people are happy to go to their local beach, or travel to Europe during the summer. Who really wants to go trollop through Paris in the snow? Well me, for one, however, most people don’t, they go during the summer. Therefore, the beaches are not only less crowded, they are damn near empty all summer long! Have you noticed ads on television boasting cut rates and severe discounts on trips to Atlantis or Sandals this summer? That is because nobody is going, and they want you there! While a trip to Aruba during January might cost you thousands for a week, you could go to the Ocean Club in Aruba for under 1,000 in August! Where a Dominican vacation in Punta Cana would normally be over $1500, you can fly there, round trip, to an ALL INCLUSIVE resort for around $800 from August 7th to the 13th! These deals are hot, and you should take advantage of them if you can!

I will tell you that a secondary reason as to why these resorts are so cheap is due to the rain season, which begins between July and August. I was concerned about this, but when I started researching places like Trip Advisor and other blogs, I found that most people suggest you go anyway, and don’t be afraid of the precipitation. Often I read that there is more rain, but simply a higher percentage of rain in the same amount of time. Most storms are at night, so you will still have your time to wind surf or lay on a beach, and as I mentioned earlier, the resorts are near empty! Have some drinks at night, live it up if it’s raining! Who cares? My friend who is from the Dominican republic assured me that at this time of the year, it is just beautiful!

There are also crazy deals to Las Vegas that everyone should keep an eye out on! Party!!!! When I flew to Las Vegas last September, I spent four days over the weekend there, and it was pretty pricey! Prices were between $500 and $1000, depending on where you stayed. However, if you can stand the heat, the prices in Vegas have dropped to around $300 for round-trip airfare and hotel! To spend four nights in August at one of my favorite hotels, the Paris, including airfare, it will only cost you about $400! That is a steal. People travel to Las Vegas less because it is so hot in the summer, with temperatures rising well about 100 degrees. But honestly, how much time are you really planning on spending outside when you’re in Las Vegas? The heat is dry, too, not humid like here in New Jersey! It’s hot, but not too hot for a vacation across the country under $500! The proof is in the websites, check out,, or for these crazy steals!

I am thinking about taking a trip to Punta Cana before the summer is over, but we will see what happens! Where are you going to go before the summer is out??


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