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Posted by on Jul 24, 2011 in Aruba, Islands | 0 comments

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I Want To Take Ya…

This summer has been a little stressful, and adding to the stress was the idea that I would not be traveling for the next six months. While that may sound a little spoiled, not traveling for me may as well be a death sentence. Some people like to paint, some like to read, I like to travel!

I was considering going to Seattle for quite sometime, however upon further research I decided it was just too expensive. Part of traveling frequently is traveling off-season, knowing what is a good deal, and knowing when it just isn’t worth it. I don’t have friends or family in Seattle, nor is it on my life to-do list. I definitely want to see the fish market, Pike Place, the first ever Starbucks, and the Space Needle, but that is about it. After researching Seattle prices for over a month, the packages just kept getting more expensive, and I felt like it just wasn’t worth it right now. Seattle would have cost me more than I paid to go to Los Angeles, a place I had been dying to go to, and would have cost me almost as much as it would to go to an island. I figured I could put Seattle on hold for a while and instead it turned out that this summer I will be traveling to….ARUBA!

Off season traveling is my new obsession, and who knew it was so cheap to travel to islands at the end of August! While my boyfriend and I considered going to Hawaii and Punta Cana, Aruba won out as our romantic destination! My boyfriend had been dying to check out Aruba, and we both decided we needed a lot of time set aside to explore Hawaii, plus extra funds for excursions. Aruba also was our top choice because it is just outside the hurricane belt, and gets very little precipitation because it is an arid desert. We leave in three weeks, and I could not be more excited!

This will not be my first time in Aruba. I have only ever been to two islands in my life, Aruba and Bermuda. I cruised to Bermuda, which was beautiful, but I didn’t really feel like I got the full experience to explore island since we only had two full days off the boat. Aruba, however, I had the pleasure of visiting for a full week on a resort in March of 2009, and it was exquisite!

On the strip in Aruba there are three Marriott resorts linked together, the Ocean Club, the Surf Club, and the Stellaris Resort and Casino. I believe that the Ocean and Surf Clubs are mostly for people who own time shares, which is where I stayed. It was beautiful! This time around, I will be staying in the Stellaris, which is very modern and beautiful!! The resort lays right on the beach, and every morning we would go out and secure beach chairs and a palapa. The weather gets extremely hot in the summer time, but it stay windy and dry, which takes the edge of the heat. Right now temperatures in New Jersey are spiking over 100, which would not be so terribly if the humidity did not make the air so thick. I am really looking forward to being somewhere that has a dry heat!

Aruba has crystal clear water, and pictures don’t even do it justice. The sunsets are to die for, and I probably took a million pictures that could easily be a post card. The island is very small, and in town all of the buildings are dutch looking, with bright pinks and blues with white trim. There are chic stores like Cartier and Ferragamo, and tons of great restaurants.I plan on relaxing on the beach, maybe doing some snorkeling, having drinks at the pool bar, and getting dressed up for some great food in the evenings!

I can’t wait to take a couple of days off before Rutgers has me in their grip all semester! Keep checking back for updates and blogs in the coming weeks about Aruba!

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