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Posted by on Jun 27, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

New York City Shows Its Pride

Friday was a monumental day for human rights, so it isn’t any wonder that both Ferocio and I were greatly anticipating the New York City Pride Parade this past Sunday.

To say that I was elated about the same sex marriage law passing on Friday is an understatement. Gay rights are of paramount importance to me, as they should be to everyone. Knowing that half the people in this country are given more rights than the other half is a problem for everyone. The fact that our government cannot separate church and state the way that they claimed they would, is a problem that everyone should be worried about. We cannot call ourselves a democracy and a free country when half our nation is separate and not equal from the other. This is what has made Friday such an amazing small step for not just gay rights, but human rights. Slowly, the states are recognizing that they want equality amongst their friends, neighbors, and families, and I cannot wait for the day when we are all equal in the eyes of the federal government’s eyes, too.

New York City has more people than all of the other states that permit same sex marriage combined. The passing of the same sex marriage legislation in New York City is hopefully going to be the beginning of a huge turn for equality. The energy in the city was amazing this weekend, and I feel so blessed to have spent the whole weekend celebrating love and equality in New York.

Ferocio, as usual, was my guide to the city, where to go and where we should stand, and I got a crew together to come celebrate the love. We decided the Village might be a litttttttle too crazy for us, and it would be less crowded if we stood a little further uptown. Ferocio picked the perfect spot at Madison Square Park where we had a great view AND shade in the summer heat, it was wonderful!

The beginning of the pride parade starts with motorcyclists, and after that was a lot of politicians like New York Governor Cuomo, who was responsible for the marriage equality legislation passing. With all of the posters and signs, seeing Governor Cuomo and everyone with their “thank you Cuomo” and “promise kept” signs, I couldn’t help but cry. I was  just so happy about the legislation passing, and I was so overwhelmed with emotion for all of these New York couples who had waited so many years just to be able to get married. I was so happy for them! It was amazing!

After that the parade really got started, with tons of floats and different organizations marching. I hadn’t realized there were so many homosexual-friendly organizations in New York! The floats were fun, but I had expected there to be more of the elaborate ones, and there were a lot of people passing fun things out like scarves, bracelets, and stickers, but I have to say I guess since we were pretty far up the parade route, they were kinda stingy passing things out! We didn’t get hardly any swag, and we were in the front up against the gate! Also, I wanted their to be more drag queens and/or celebrities. While I saw two RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, that was it! There were barely any drag queens other than that, and I didn’t see a single celebrity! If I were a celebrity, you bet your ass I would be lending my name to this parade!

After three hours watching the parade go by, we realized based on the program that we were only about half way through it.  We had been standing there without food or drinks, so we decided to head out and get some alcohol and food  in our systems for the rest of the parade! We headed out to Boxers, a gay sports bar and restaurant, and it was so much fun! Even though they served food, it was so packed there really wouldn’t have been room to eat it, so we just had some drinks instead! Boxers was so much fun and the energy was insane!  We had a really fun times at Boxers!

After Boxers we grabbed some pizza and went to check out the PrideFest Street Fair! We had wanted to go to Vynl to eat, but the streets were so packed and the restaurant was way too crowded. By the time we got to the Village, the parade was officially over, and the streets were lined with papers and garabage! It was crazy! Everyone was causing a raucous and drunk. We saw a couple people fighting with the cops, and it was overall madness! I had expected a lot out of the street fair, and by the time we got there it was sort of a hot mess! All of the bars and restaurants were way crowded with overflow spilling out onto the streets. While I loved seeing New York so busy and full of pride, it was all a lot to take in! The stairs to the Path train were even so crowded that the police were monitoring the walkway, and they were only letting certain numbers of people in at a time. Crazy nuts!

While I had really expected less chaos and more….ferocity? I was so happy that there was so much amazing energy in New York City to celebrate equality and love. My plans may have not turned out exactly as I had wanted, I am so glad I got to share the moment and support all of my LBGTQ friends and family. Love is equal! Happy Pride everyone!

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